10 Tips for Eliminating Employees Time-Waste by HIREghana (pt.1)

10 ways to reduce Employees Time-Waste.

You might not want to accept it, but the reality is that employee-disinterest (lack of engagement as it is called these days), boredom, frustration and even resentment and disinterest can ‘occupy’ your employees’ minds and hold them back from reaching maximum productivity if any.

And let’s be honest…have you never yourself experienced moments where either you or your colleagues were watching the minute hand till it reached closing-time?

Employee Time-Waste in Perspective

In 2014 Salary.com, polled 750 employees regarding wasted time at the workplace and found out that 89% of respondents’ waste time at work as follows:

  • 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily
  • 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily
  • 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily
  • 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily
  • 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily
  • 2% waste 5 or more hours daily

That 89% was a significant increase from 69% of respondents wasting time in 2013.

In 2014, Careerbuilder (via Harris Poll) also commissioned a study on how people ‘waste’ time at work (the infographic can be found here: http://employer.careerbuilder.com/jobposter/resources/page.aspx?pagever=productivity2014&sc_cmp2=JP_Infographic_productivity2014&template=none). What they found was that the polled employees were involved in doing the following:

  1. Talking on the cell phone and texting – 50%
  2. Gossiping – 42%
  3. On the Internet – 39%
  4. On Social media – 38%
  5. Taking snack breaks or smoke breaks – 27%
  6. Distracted by noisy co-workers – 24%
  7. In meetings – 23%
  8. On email – 23%
  9. Distracted by co-worker drop byes – 23%
  10. Distracted by co-worker calls on speaker phone – 10%
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Equally interesting is that now – in 2017, 11% of the employees polled, say that half the working week is spent wasting time, whilst 72% believe that 30% of the working week goes to waste, according to the research conducted by Survey Sampling International

There are plenty of similar surveys – Harris Poll is doing such a survey at least once a year for employees in the US, the UK, Australia and other geographies.

Sometimes, when I visit a client, I see employees with their blue-tooth on, watching daytime telenovelas or football matches on their phones; once when I had to make a copy at the client’s site, the employee was photocopying an African Dance book…

How-to Address Employees Time-Waste

Blaming your employees seems to be the easiest way to explain the time wasting. Minimizing Time Wasting starts with Leadership – Your Leadership!

If you as a Leader/Manager do not set clear and measurable expectations and goals for the team to achieve, then your team will naturally set their own and usually, they will waste as much time as they can.  Unfortunately, most people will only do what they are asked to do.

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