10 Tips on How to End Up Broke and Poor

Ending up being broke and tight after years of wasted opportunities can be unforgiving but here are tips to help you realize the pit you may be digging for yourself to end up broke years later and a burden on society.

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Enjoy and learn through the sarcasm…

1. Make sleep a good ally…Keep stretching & turning in bed until you get too tired to continue enjoying sleep. The rich people can’t sleep because of their wealth, if you can have sound sleep, why not? If there is nothing to do, why hurry to get up?

2. Budgeting is for “stingy” people, after all money is meant to be spent. Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it’s finished, you try to count and recall how you spent it.

3. The “small coins” don’t mean much, spend whatever you have, who thinks of tomorrow when you have today? How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are not sympathetic to your burning needs.

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4. Hard work and small business is reserved for the “uneducated.” How can you an “intellectual” engage in petty trade or home based production? That’s for people who never went to school.

5. Starting a business requires huge capital and how can you start any business with little or no money? Don’t put in any form of investment for the future. How do they expect you to invest before you get millions?

Even though more than half the businesses in your town were started with little or no money, because you have a very big dream you can only start with millions.

6. Complain about everything except your own attitude; blame the system, the government and the banks that refuse to lend you money. They are all bad and do not want you to get rich.

7. Spend more than you earn. To achieve this, buy consumer products on credit & keep borrowing from friends & employers. In any case everybody is in debt, even the government owes!

8. Chase and compete in whatever that is trending. Make sure you get the latest clothes, smartphones, gadgets, among others. If you can get it, why not flaunt it, you got to show your swag!

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9. Even if you can’t afford it, get the latest ride in town. Forget it, who cares about maintenance and fuel? After all you can keep borrowing to keep up!

10. As for your children, attend to their every whims and wants. After all your own childhood was not so pleasant. Don’t teach them about work and it’s colleration to wealth creation. They don’t need any education on personal finances. Nobody taught you how to anyway, so they can just get by being as broke and poor as you are. They can borrow for college, auto, mortgage and other consumables.

And ooh yeah.. It is okay to blame the devil for your financial woes, pay pastors and prophets to make you rich over night, sow seeds and stay in church all day all week… Riches will find you asap!!

To remain effectively broke and tight, these are thoughts that will deny you the opportunity to make the best of your natural gifts. An automatic disqualification to save and be a great entrepreneur. Be on the other side.

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