13 Ways to Know You are Passionate About Your Goals

A friend posted a question up on his Facebook status: “How do you know what you really want to do with your life?” It got me thinking how simple it is for some people to simply get on with the business of living their lives and doing the things they’ve always known they want to do. And how for others it’s a struggle to even begin to figure out what those things are.

Life is simple. It gets complicated when we resist the natural flow of our gifts, talents and desires. The things we are passionate about. By desires and passion, I refer not to thoughts and feelings that violate the dignity and rights of any living creature, but to desires that drive us to accomplish great things for ourselves or our loved ones. Whether it be learning how to cook a special dish or climb the Mount Everest.

Regardless of what you set your heart to accomplish, where there is no passion there is no drive to succeed. Just ask a man whose heart is set on marrying the woman of his dreams. Nothing is big enough to stop him from going for gold. His heart is engaged with his mind and his actions. The same principle applies in our lives. When we’re passionate enough about something, no obstacle is big enough to keep us from achieving our goals.

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So how do you know when you (or someone you’re close to) are passionate about something? Here are my thoughts.

  1. When it’s the last thing you think about before you sleep and can’t wait to get up in the morning to get on with it.
  2. When it feels like the most natural thing to be doing with your life.
  3. When you would do it all by yourself even if no one was around.
  4. When no obstacle is big enough to stop you from getting it done.
  5. When you can see it, feel it and touch it before it actually appears.
  6. When your heart beats faster just thinking about it.
  7. When you know you would do it for free if money was no object.
  8. When it’s the first thing that comes to your mind and out of your mouth when people ask, “What do you do?”
  9. When you know that when your time on earth is done you want to be remembered for getting it done.
  10. When people see you doing it they acknowledge it’s definitely “your thing.”
  11. When you can proudly autograph your name on it.
  12. When Monday is never an issue and some holidays feel too long.
  13. When you drive people crazy talking about it all the time.
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Are you passionate about your life right now? Are you passionate about your career? Are you passionate about your business? If not, why not?

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