3 Keys to More Balance and Fulfillment in Life, Work or Business

Sometimes being ‘busy’ can be a curse to fulfilled living. Any busy person will tell you everything they do is important and needs attention – but could there be too hefty a price to pay for focusing too much on some things at the expense of others?

Balance, as you may already know, is not a destination. It’s a journey that needs to be traveled with consciousness and intentionality. Sometimes it seems elusive as we try to fit into each day as much as we can so we cannot be accused of being lazy or lacking in drive. But it’s worth remembering that as strong as we may want to be every single day, when anything is stretched beyond its capacity, there is breakage, brokenness or breakdown.

As a business-owner, no matter how busy life gets remember that the mind, body, soul and spirit are all a part of you and they all work in synergy to help you achieve the success you seek. It’s important to make time for each in your busy schedule so that success in one area does not become a curse to the others.

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Here are 3 simple keys to finding more balance and fulfillment in everyday living:

1. Humanize Your Journey

Inundated with images of near-perfect lives, jobs and businesses on social media, many are feeling the pressure of pursuing mythological ‘perfection’. But an interesting (and relieving) revolution is happening. More and more people are leaning towards those willing to be authentic and show “the real” behind the journey to success. Real means sometimes there are good days and sometimes there are interesting and adventurous days. Stay in your lane and live the life you have chosen. Give yourself permission to simply take one day at a time and embrace the process. Enjoy the great days and do what you can to handle the days that throw you curve balls. Remember that each day is a new one and you get to write your own human story with the perspectives you choose and the methods you use to handle all the experiences that come your way.

2. Time-Out and Rest

Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? Yet in an age where there is every imaginable gadget to make our lives easier, we are busier and more anxious than ever. In decades past rest may have been as simple as switching off the radio and spending time with loved ones or sitting in the back garden watching the sunset. These days trying to rest is tantamount to trying to beat addiction to activities, electronic gadgets, social activities or social media. The off-switch in our brains has to be flicked countless times before we get to that inner space where peace and stillness reside. Being able to find that place daily through silent meditation or activities that feed the soul is key to maintaining inner balance. Those who learn and master this art live far more peaceful and fulfilled lives no matter what their circumstances are.

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3. Keep Calm; You’re Always in Control

Stress happens when we feel we have no control over our circumstances. Keeping calm is easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that there is always a solution to the challenges we come up against. We can train ourselves to know when we are feeling stressed and introduce coping strategies like breathing exercises, taking a walk, listening to music or talking to someone about it. These are just a few examples. When faced with challenges, if we dig deep into our creativity there is often a spark of inspiration that will help us come up with solutions. But even if we are unable to find the solution on our own, someone somewhere can help and our focus is better used trying to find that person than trying to solve a problem we feel incapable of solving. It’s all in the perspectives we choose and the strategies we use to accomplish our goals.

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