3 Ways to Grow Your Financial Confidence

What’s holding you back from financial freedom? It’s an important question to consider. If you spend some time to really thinking about it, the answers might surprise you.

Here are three ways you can grow your financial confidence:

1. Pick a direction

To make it simple, think in terms of the four asset classes: paper (stocks, bonds, etc.), real estate, commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.) and business (as in owning one or investing in one).

Which one sounds interesting? Pick one, go online and find some resources to read. If you don’t like it, move on to another asset class. Dabble until you find what interests you. Then keep digging deeper. You’ll find your way.

2. Make time

Those who are successful simply use those hours more wisely. No matter how busy you are you can find time to invest in things that are important to you.

Do you have a lunch hour at work? Read up while munching on a sandwich! Do you spend your evenings watching shows on TV? Trade in that time for some quiet study time. Taking the kids to practices and events? Bring a book with you or listen to a podcast while they play.

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Most people probably have way more time available than they think. It’s a matter of being intentional with how you use it. Make time to grow your financial intelligence.

3. Pay yourself first

The only way to grow your confidence is by making your financial education and your investing a priority—the biggest priority, in fact.

So, each month, pay yourself first. Do this by putting a set amount of money aside in the budget as an expense for your investing.

At the end of the day, if you practice these three things—picking a direction, making time and paying yourself first—there’s no limit to how huge your confidence can grow.

And when your confidence grows, so will your wealth.

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