4 Business Lessons from Celebrity, Kris Jenner

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When a buddy of mine asked me whether I thought the aforementioned was a good businesswoman, I had to think carefully. I’m not a fan of their shows, have never quite understood them but I do understand the power of a strong brand.

Whatever you may think of Kris Jenner, one cannot deny that she is a pretty smart woman, she’s taken advantage of their brand, knows what the media wants and has given it to them. So yes, she is an excellent businesswoman!

She’s capitalized on her greatest assets, her children, saw the opportunities of reality TV and took advantage of them. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for all things Kardashian. Though I do not buy into the brand itself, I understand that it’s the way of the world – that does not mean I condone the intense drive for media profiling but I do understand the business model. Whilst I cannot comment on their personal lives, I know the Kardashian brand sells and is highly lucrative.

Lessons one can learn from Kris:

1. Seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of it: the appetite for reality TV and celebrity endorsements seems to be never ending.

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2. Knowing your strengths: in Kris’ case her family, PR and brand image.

3. Understanding your market: Kris clearly knows that there is a huge audience, willing to buy into the idea of her family and the glamour of their image. Once you know you have a market which is eager to buy from you, then SELL to them!

4. Know how to handle a PR crisis: this family knows how to handle every single PR crisis thrown at them. Their PR system is a well oiled machine and it is pretty amazing to study. Big businesses could learn a thing or 2 from how they operate their public relations.

Whilst you may never have your own reality TV show, your business/professional life is your chance to shine. Make the most of it!

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