5 Reasons Why Failure Makes You the Perfect Candidate for Success

If you have ever set your mind to achieve a particular goal and fallen short of the mark, you may have struggled with feelings of failure, inadequacy and, sometimes, ridicule from those around you. No matter what your goals in life are, there will always be risks attached. Sometimes you successfully circumnavigate the risks, other times the risk manifests into real challenges that cause you to stumble or fall.

But contrary to what many believe, stumbling or falling do not spell the end of the road for your goals and they certainly do not define who you are or disqualify you from staying in “the game.” You are who you are in-spite of failure and, if anything, failure builds character that pre-qualifies you for success depending on how you view or use it.

Here are 5 reasons why failure makes you the perfect candidate for success.

1. More Wisdom

Do better

After the experience of failure, you know better and can therefore be or do better to produce better results. Among other things, failure can teach better decision-making, better communication and help us manage ourselves, our lives and our time better.

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 2. Better Strategy


If the first strategy failed, a different strategy may be required. Failure flags up pitfalls to avoid and highlights alternative avenues to explore in order to achieve success.

3. Empathy


When we have walked through the valley of dark shadows, we think twice before laughing at those walking through their own dark valleys. Whether the challenges are personal or professional, we understand their fears and failures and, if we are smart, we can teach or show them how to navigate their way to success. Therein lies great opportunities to be more, earn more and make difference by being a problem-solver and solution provider.

4. Better Leadership


A soldier bearing scars from the battlefield has more credibility than a soldier who has never seen the battlefield. Leadership is a hands-on job. A leader who takes others where she or he has been before is able to build more trust and lead with more impact and influence than one who simply gives instructions and expects excellent results. People want to know that their leader understands the journey and can drive vision with authority.

5. Humility

Mahatma Ghandi

There’s no better antidote for pride and arrogance than a healthy dose of failure. Failure teaches humility in a way few other experiences can. When we’ve come face-to-face with our own fallibility, we respect other people’s challenges and weaknesses. Though we may not make on-going excuses for their weaknesses, we have the grace to give them time to reveal their strengths and conquer their challenges.

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What are some of the lessons failure has taught you over time?

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