5 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Your First Set of Startup Employees

The recruiting or human resource need for your business cannot be over emphasized. You therefore need to be tactful in how you go about bringing people to help you achieve set goals. Christian Danquah of Urbanphace Multimedia takes you through 5 practical steps you can follow to cut the stress and attract great talents for your startup company. Learn from Chris.

Successful companies or businesses most often than not have strong and committed teams behind them. They make the company great by running the system or wheel at a higher efficiency.

Such human resource is always needed for a business to become a great one. The hiring process can be done through sourcing candidates, screening and interviewing the candidates and eventually arriving at final evaluations. This can be challenging most of the time .

But the following tips can make the recruitment process less challenging.

1. Be honest about your needs.

It is important for a startup to be honest and transparent concerning its needs and how they are likely to change. Getting new staff members is a frequent change, including the company’s direction, products and goals. It is very necessary to let prospective employees know about all these. If candidate’s expectations are not properly managed before they join the company, you will notice or observe a considerable amount of churn.

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If new unsuspecting recruits are overwhelmed with new roles and responsibilities, it becomes difficult for them to succeed if they are under pressure to get used to the instant change in job description randomly. When recruiting a perfect new team member, disclose a full detail of current expectations for the role being filled and how that may change as the business grows and evolves into a bigger firm.

Recruits must be ready and also geared up about the fluid nature of a startup and its effects on their daily roles and responsibilities. If this is not done those are not prepared will become worn out and bitter .

2. Establish a positive relationship with all recruits.

It is not every job seeker who comes along that should be recruited or hired. But there is a chance to develop a strong support and rapport with each one of them.

As an employer or recruiter of a beginning-stage startup looking for great exceptional talent, you have to grow the reputation of the company as one that people are willing to work for.

If a recruit finds it difficult to fit in the business, the best thing to do is ignore the lost time and save the situation by making the person a brand advocate.

Urge and motivate candidates you have rejected to check on other recruiters with an incentive like guidance and support with their job search. This can come in the form of resume tips, referrals to openings somewhere.

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It’s possible they might even return for an interview at a later date when they have improved upon their skills.

3. Let the incentive be a great one.

Do not deceive a recruit with false promises of the future prosperity of the start-up. Kind equity payouts are more of a fantasy than the real situation on the ground. It’s better to instead give chances that can make a recruit excited and glad about the job.

A few cost – effective motivation experienced by the employees including the liberty to take charge of new projects, challenges, roles and self development programs should be helpful.

Give them the chance to learn from great business people and have discussions with industry experts and lead monthly sessions at the company.

4. Seek help in hiring.

The greatest business people know they are not capable of doing everything by themselves. Recruiting is a skill that is developed with practice. Therefore when you are a young business owner that wants to recruit the best candidate that you think has that particular skill set you need and can take your business to the next level, you may need additional help and advice from experienced hands.

Discuss with friends who have recruited for particular roles to learn where to source for the best candidates to employ, the way and manner to source for the best candidates, review resources efficiently, how to ask good questions and ways to make the final decisions and selections.

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5. Finalize the deal well again.

The recruitment process does not come to a conclusion when a candidate agrees to an offer; continue educating the new recruit on the opportunities available throughout their first period or week in your company.

Make the onboarding process seamless and effortless, so that the new employee feels confident in the new responsibility and role. Let them feel excited about the company and select the tests to be administered carefully. Challenge the newly employed recruit to contribute and create genuine impact in the company, making sure not to deliberately overwhelm them in assessing how they respond to pressure.

Make the newly recruit feel part of the family in the company and give them what they need to successfully do their work, removing every hindrance and providing them with the resources and information they need to be successful .

You’ll be glad and fulfilled by the rate at which you will retain recruits and surprised by what your new employee can accomplish.

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