6 Basic Customer Skills That Will Help You Retain Your Clients

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Partnered by JOBACOM

Partnered by JOBACOM

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I write this because of my recent interactions with staff who receive calls on behalf of companies; sometimes they are too rude and cold to their clients. I admit the fact, some customers are difficult to deal with but the convention here is THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Let me take you through some customer skills you may want to apply in approaching your customers next when you meet them;

1. Tolerance

There are some customers who normally come so frustrated wherever they are coming from but the truth is, you have to be patient and tolerate them. Take your time to know what they really want and give it to them. Try your best possible to pay the needed attention to them and they will never regret securing your services.

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2. Be clear and straightforward

What your business is about or whatever products and offers you provide should be made clear and straightforward to your customers or clients.

3. Know what you do

I am always taken aback when a service provider beats around the bush to clearly tell me the service he or she provides. It looks like they have no knowledge about what they are doing. Always have clear cut knowledge on the service you are providing.

4. Always aim at achieving your goal, focus on them!

Without a goal you will always render poor services to your customers or clients.

5. Have the convincing power

There are certain customers like me who even though I may have knowledge of your services, would still want you to convince me more on why I should buy your product. Master the ability of persuasion, some may buy your product not because they need it but due to your power to convince them.

6. Learn

Finally, learning never ends, so to improve on your customer skills you need to learn more about human relations and the kind of service you provide.

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Customers are a core part of your business, so know how to maintain a good relationship by applying these customer relation skills. All the best in trying.

Article by Ebenezer Essuman, founder of Synergy For Success-Ghana.

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