7 C’s of Leadership You Should Exhibit as A Risk-Taker

Leadership is for the courageous; those willing to go where others fear to go and those willing to sometimes take bullets on behalf of those around them. Leadership can be tasking and requires a will-of-steel as well as thick skin. The upside of that is leaders are also handsomely rewarded for the price they pay; risk-taking and decision-making.

A handsome reward is not always a monetary one. More influence, private memberships, personal health and wellness and time freedom are also rewards.

Everyone expect results delivered with integrity, excellence and on-time. “To whom much is given, much is expected” ~ (Ancient Scripture). Pressure.

In the same vein, he who gives much receives much (he is interchangeable with ‘she’ here)

Taking calculated risks and making resolute decisions do not work well with procrastination and double-mindedness. It goes without say that indecision is one of the most costly mistakes countless people make in life; a trait that costs them time, money, relationships and great opportunities.

Risk-takers and decision-makers get the lion’s share of life. They lead. Which means that they go first and not second, third or last. They lead those who would rather someone else did the job. It doesn’t mean they will not make mistakes, it simply means they are willing to make the mistake. And it is that willingness that separates them from the other guys.

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Internationally respected leadership expert, John C. Maxwell teaches, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” And it does. To understand the state of self, a situation, a home, a business, an organisation or even a country, scrutinise its leadership. Water flows downstream and so do the effects of leadership; both good and bad.

Everyone is a leader of something, whether they acknowledge it or not. Even those who walk alone lead someone; themselves.

To get things done right, done now and done well, someone has to be willing to take risks and make the right decision at the right time.

Here are my seven C’s of Leadership for Decision-makers and Risk-takers:

1. Leaders care – about what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

2. Leaders concentrate – focus on the goal until success is achieved.

3. Leaders contemplate – give thorough consideration to course-altering decisions.

4. Leaders keep calm – cool and collected under pressure. Cry in the privacy of your closet.

5. Leaders have character – the only thing that will help you retain presence & respect.

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6. Leaders have a clear conscience – about your decisions, your risks & your actions.

7. Leaders have a clue – about what you stand for and are willing to take a fall for.

There are other C’s to add to the list. Please feel free to share them.

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