7 People You Should Avoid at All Cost as an Entrepreneur

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In this year of expansion, overflow and abundance, I feel that it is important to get rid of the old and make room for the new opportunities that are coming our ways. In an effort to create an abundant path, I want to share with you 7 people that you should avoid as much as possible as an entrepreneur.

1. People who are negative.

Let’s start with how to identify negative people. The bottom line is that negativity exists everywhere in our world. Negative people are always complaining and sometimes they can suck the energy right out of you and bring you down. They can be in your family, in your circle of friends and acquaintances, at your job, it can even be spouse, and they are also all over social media.

The reality is that in some point within our lives we will have to deal with negative people in our life. Remember that, negative thinking can affect your personal well-being, your outlook on life and your business as an entrepreneur. Once, you recognize a negative person, try your best to detach yourself immediately.

2. People who criticize.

The word criticize means to find fault with. I have heard people use the term constructive criticism, but I really don’t like it. Here’s why, how can finding fault be constructive? I like the constructive suggestions as a better term. When people criticize others, it can be guaranteed that they are criticizing you as well. Just be careful. When people criticize your work as an entrepreneur, try your best to disconnect and be as detached as possible.

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If someone doesn’t like your work or what you do, guess what? They have every right not to like your work and you have every right to continue doing what you love. Think about it like this, everything you do is an expression of God. Every action you take is like a manifestation of God in some way. Even ideas, inventions and innovations are a manifestation of God.

3. People who waste your time.

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we have all had potential customers who almost do business with us and back out or clients who don’t follow through on their commitment to complete your work together. As a Business Coach, Consultant and Speaker trust me, I have dealt with my fair share of time wasters. So how do you identify time wasters, well that is the tricky part. So here is what I did to attract the type of customers and clients I felt were the best fit for creating the happiness I desired in my business. So, I created a list of all the attributes my ideal client has.

Here is my ideal client list:

I am constantly attracting and welcoming with love an abundance of new clients that:

  • Appreciate Me and My Gifts and Talents.
  • Are ready to fully pursue their dreams and nothing is going to stop them from getting there.
  • Realize they need my help to get their life in order, help them create strategies to attract their ideal life, and launch them into the next phase of their life.
  • See me as very valuable and hire me right away.
  • Can easily afford to pay the fee to work with me and have abundance flowing into their easily lives too.

4. Non-Supporters.

I remember early on in my business, I constantly tried to prove myself to people in the sense that I had just come into my purpose and the only people I knew at that time was my circles of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Truthfully, not many of them ever supported my business and that is totally okay. I have had some unsubscribe to my newsletters, talk bad about my business, compete with my business. But what I learned is that some of them were jealous because God had yet to reveal their purpose to them, yet.

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5. People who are jealous.

Jealous people are actually really easy to spot. Most times they criticize your work or they copy your work. I remember, when I first launched my very first consulting company, Idey Enterprises. I had a person in my life,  who I considered a best friend at that time. Well, instead of saying congratulations on your new business, she said, “Oh Yeah! I am launching my own consulting business doing exactly what you are doing!” I was like, “Okay…cool. So you are launching it on the same day I am doing my business launch?”

Needless to say, she never showed up to any of my events or supported me as a friend in any capacity. Thankfully, we are no longer friends. Remember, people get jealous when they feel that someone else has something that should be theirs. Try your best to avoid taking it personal. Know that when a person is jealous of you, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

6. People who don’t care.

Some people really don’t care about what you are doing. Stop trying to convince them to care. For everything that you are doing, there is an audience for it. Sometimes, you may be talking to the wrong audience. Some people really don’t care about your business because they have no interest in it or a need for what you do. One thing I started doing was, deleting people from Facebook, etc. who were not ideal people to do business with. Also, if you aren’t interactive with me I do a monthly cleanup of my friends list.

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7. People who disappoint you.

WOW! This is a big one! I struggled with this a lot as a Christian especially. We are told in our faith to turn the other cheek, etc. But the reality is get rid of people who disappoint you. Recently, I had a situation where a client agreed to work with me, but when it came down to paying her invoice she made every excuse under the sun, from “She doesn’t share her credit card info online” to never hearing from her again. Because we were Facebook friends, I kindly deleted her.

For me, every-time I saw a post of hers online I felt disappointed, so this was a red line to just move on. As an entrepreneur, people will agree to work with you, then back out. Maybe the time isn’t right for them. However, they should have considered that before disappointing you.

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