7 Tips on Creating a Simple Explainer Video for African Startups

Every startup should be creating explainer videos to boost the conversion and sales of their products. An explainer video is a video that explains how your products/services work.

Creating this video right can help you to get the search traffic and conversion rates you want. The following are 7 tips on how to create an explainer video for startup.

1. Keep Video Short

Your viewer only has a little time to spare so you must say what you want to say within 100 seconds or lesser. Research suggests that human have a short attention span of around 60 seconds – 3 minutes. The viewer seldom stays on to watch the video if it is longer than 3 minutes. Most people will just press the Skip button if the YouTube video plays longer than 3 minutes.

2. Keep Video Message Concise and Clear

A good explainer video is not about displaying a beautiful background image or graphic. Rather, it is about delivering the key message clear to the target audience. You must prepare an organized script if you want the message to be presented clearly in your video. In the script, you can include a discussion on the selling points of the product. For example, you can discuss the solutions that can help to fix the customers’ problems. When narrating in an explainer video, you want to avoid using jargons. Instead, you should be using a simple language that the audience can understand.

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3. Using a Unique Personality to Host the Video

You can use your unique personality to host the video so that you will stand out from others. You will be able to win a lot of customers if you can entertain well for the product you are promoting. With so many competitions, people are getting harder to entertain. Your explainer video will get a lot of conversions if you know of a unique way to engage the potential customer’s attention.

4. Stick to a Media Plan

You must stick to a plan when launching your explainer videos. The media plan can contain details like video hosting platform, whatchannel to post your video and frequency of posting the video. You must ask yourself questions like availability of your audience, and how to be creative in reaching the audience.

5. Use Natural Voiceover

To make a high-quality video, you should use natural voiceover. You must record your voice in a tone that your audience can easily identify. Many people like to use voiceover done by robot speaker. The problem is that it sounds monotone and people will easily get bored after a short while. In Movavi Video Editor, you can add your voiceover by dragging the file into the timeline. The software can also be used to record your voiceover.

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To record your voiceover, you must click on the record audio button which can be identified by the microphone icon. Now, you must plug in your microphone and select the device in the Audio device drop-down menu. You can select the quality of the audio from the Audio quality drop-down menu. Checking the voice over mode allows the video to play while you are recording your voiceover. It ensures that your recording is syncing with the content that is being displayed on the video. Finally, you must click the Start Recording button to begin the recording.

If you have a music track in the background, you might want to reduce the volume level. To do so, you must select the background music clip in the time-line and go to Audio Properties. In Tools, you must drag the volume slider to the left to reduce the volume level. You can completely mute the background music track by clicking on the mute button beside the audio track.

6. Include Call to Action

Finally, you must not forget to include a call to action in the video. If you want a good result, you must put the CTA (Call To Action) in a way that it won’t make people feel that you are pushing them. You can be creative when adding a call to action to your video. For example, you should not just put a link to your demo product page but try to use other types of call to actions like ask people a question, join a contest, sign up a free trial, fill in a form, and watch another video.

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7. Publish Video on a Platform with Analytics

You can publish your video to a platform that supports analytics. In this way, you will know where the traffic is coming from and which video is having conversions. You’ll also want to set up an official channel on YouTube as it is the most popular platform for marketing your video.

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