€85,000 on Offer for Startups Tackling Gender Inequalities. Apply Now!

AFD Digital Challenge 2018 calls for applications for startup companies leveraging on digital innovation tackling gender inequalities, economic, social, cultural or political inclusion of women in Africa. Deadline for submission of entries is November 12. APPLY HERE!

The AFD Digital Challenge is a tech startups challenge for women inclusion which aims to promote entrepreneurial activities managed by women or men tackling the challenges of women’s inclusion and gender inequalities be it political, social, economic or cultural and using digital innovations for their development.  

The following are the award categories for the successful tech startups;

1st prize is the Digital Challenge Success – This awards the prize of €50,000 to the two startups that are going through the expansion phase and demonstrating an outstanding ability to scale-up and develop.

Second award is the Digital Challenge – Jury Award of €20,000 which is  rewarding only one company demonstrating outstanding originality and uniqueness in its approach to the challenge of women inclusion.

The final prize of €15,000 is the Digital Challenge initiative, that is recognizing two startups which are going through the induction phase and demonstrating outstanding ability to innovate. 

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Who qualifies for the AFD Digital Challenge ?

The challenge is open to all tech startups that are:

a. Demonstrating the existence of a legal form and having proven activity on the African continent. 

b. Owned by women or men and having positive impact on women’s inclusion and reduction of women inequalities leveraging digital technologies to amplify its impact.  

The AFD Digital Challenge 2018 awaits your entry into this contest. Apply now. Deadline is 12 November.  

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