Alain Gbeasor’s Advice On Branding and Communication For Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in Ghana and Africa has taken on a new twist in the last couple of years with a growing ecosystem of young Africans ready and willing to make a living and employ their peers. I have always said that entrepreneurship is the only way to develop and empower young Africans to help in contributing to the economic development of their countries.

Entrepreneurs are of two kinds, those that just have that innate ability and those who acquire the urge along the way of the professional development. One important attribute though is that all entrepreneurs must have a certain set of skills to enable them maximize their potentials and operation. In this article we will try to identify some of these and hope you will later identify some more based on your own peculiar circumstances.

1. Communication

As an entrepreneur communication is a must. When you have a small team, you assume communication is not a big deal but it’s very important for all associated with you and your venture to know clearly what and where you are taking it to. Poor communication skills  can lead to decreased productivity with your staff, as well as low morale and opportunity for them to make more mistakes if they don’t understand your instructions.

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You will need to maintain clear communication with your customers. How do you reach them and they reach you?  Email or phone? In the current culture of Social Media, you need to keep an updated facebook page, twitter handle as well as a website and other social-media profiles per the one you want.

As you communicate watch out for tell-tale signs as to how people react to you and what you are saying and whether or not you’re reaching them and give people the opportunity to ask for clarification. Branding is a form of communication which speaks often higher than words. Your brand is placing value on yourself and company before you communicate, it leads the way on how you will be accepted and received.

2. Branding (personal and business)

For many entrepreneurs, the distinction between self and business is often difficult to make and hence striving to brand your business or looking to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, knowing how to do so online is essential to your success. Your branding now starts with being active on social media and is made through what you publish or communicate.

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If you put up insulting, discriminatory or gender sensitive contents on your social media platforms, it will surely lead to negative branding. It’s important to know how to deliver content and resources that your target audience wants and will find valuable.

If you want to build yourself up in the world of entrepreneurship look for influencers, they are the people whom you can learn from.

Author: Alain Gbeasor, an entrepreneur and CEO of Gesus Group of Companies, an industrial chemicals company.
Also the Chairman of Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs.
And Chairman of the Millennium Investment Group, a fund investment company.

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