M3roud.com: AMC Group Sudan Acquires Majority Share of Sudanese E-Commerce Startup

AMC Group, Owners of Sudan Digital and Wfir, announces that it has acquired the majority share of M3roud.com, a leading ecommerce business in Sudan.

Lumyaa Kamaleldeen Majzoub, CEO of AMC and judge on the TV Show Mashrouy said, “Since we arrived in Sudan from the UK in 18 months ago, our vision has been to help bring digital business to life in Sudan. The acquisition of M3roud.com is part of that overall vision, and we are excited to see how far we can grow this business.”

Ibrahim Tahir Osman Ali Co-Founder of M3roud.com said, “We’ve always seen the potential of digital market places in Sudan, and now with AMC group we have both the resources and business expertise that complement our technical expertise.”

Since the acquisition, the company has been undergoing a range of tests with the support of the Digital Marketing Business SudanDigital.com(part of AMC Group). They have been able to display digital advertising to over 2mn people within Sudan, bring thousands of visitors to the M3roud.com website and sell more products in the last month than in the companies history. Following these successful test, the website has been taken offline to make some improvements, including launching an entirely Arabic version.

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M3roud.com’s vision is to sell handmade Sudanese products within Sudan, and allow Sudanese Users to Be Unique, by buying products that aren’t easily available. Products are sourced from across the country, and handmade product suppliers work closely with M3roud.com’s team to create beautifully designed products that make ideal gifts, accessories and furniture. Within the next 12 months, the companies vision is to export these products internationally, creating a demand for Sudanese Handmade Products around the globe.

The new M3roud site launched Tuesday 12th February, 2019.

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