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Anzisha Prize Applications Open for the Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs In Africa

Anzisha Prize Application
Ian Khonje 2020 Anzisha Fellow

The Anzisha Prize application for the 2021 cohort is officially open which is looking for the top entrepreneurial talents in Africa. This call for applications comes after nominations were invited for young people who might be eligible for the competition.

The Anzisha prize application is for those who were nominated by friends, families and admirers to apply themselves. A prize for young entrepreneurs in the ages between 15 and 22 for share of US$100,000.

According to Melissa Mbazo-Ekpenyong, Deputy Director of the Anzisha Prize,

“The world of work has drastically changed as we experience a global pandemic. Young entrepreneurs have remained steadfast and have supported their communities through difficulties.”

She concluded that they were thrilled to celebrate the next 20 young business owners who are playing vital roles in job creation on the continent.

And for Daniel Hailu, the Regional Head of Eastern and Southern Africa of Mastercard Foundation,

“To drive economic recovery on the continent, we have to tap into every available resource. That includes young entrepreneurs, including young women entrepreneurs. Doing so takes intentionality.”

The commitment of Anzisha Prizes for Daniel, of identifying and supporting very young entrepreneurs has really become important in the wake of the COVID pandemic. That, the creativity, agility, and resourcefulness of these young people has only become more valuable.

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The Prize has over a decade supported young 142 entrepreneurs who have successfully and to a large extent created jobs for the peers to live meaningful lives.

For instance, Yannick Yimanuka of Congo who was the 2019 overall winner noticed that children in her community had limited access to quality education and for that reason started The KIM’s School Complex in order to address this challenge of lack of access to quality education for nursery and primary school children.

Another exciting example is Joan Nalubega, the 2018 runner-up who was challenged to help fight malaria by her personal experience of contracting the illness during her childhood. And with Uganics which she co-founded, they produced mosquito-repellent soaps for children and families to combat malaria.

Among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis are young entrepreneurs yet those with Anzisha Prize “have not been deterred,’ the organizers say. These young talents are constantly building opportunities for their communities as youth employment on the continent continues to be a key challenge. Africa’s high unemployment rate is one of the leading barriers to growth prosperity on the continent.

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Young entrepreneurs are an indication that the youth demographic could be the asset needed to transform the continent’s employment climate.

Anzisha Prize application

The Anzisha Prize application

For young entrepreneurs who have received nominations they are advised to download the Anzisha Prize Application guide or apply for the prize at This is a partnership between the African Leadership Academy and the Mastercard foundation.

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MEST Africa: Applications Opens to Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs in Class of 2022

MEST Africa

MEST Africa calls for applications into the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology Training Program Class of 2022. This is a twelve (12) month graduate-level training program for aspiring tech startup founders on the continent of Africa. Deadline is the 29th of April, 2021.

Since the launch of MEST Africa in 2008, the company has invested over $22 million in training over 350 individual entrepreneurs and over 60 of them have received investments across Africa.

The MEST Africa entrepreneurs have developed solutions addressing local, regional and global markets, received follow-on funding from global investors and gotten into top accelerator programs such as Y-combinator, 500 startups and TechStars.

The MEST Africa Training Program is the leading entrepreneurial training program in Africa in business, communications and software development which includes extensive hands-on project work for trainees, culminating in a final pitch and the chance to receive seed investment and grow their businesses.

The successful world-class MEST Training Program annually runs with the help of an internationally recognized faculty. Its teaching fellows come from some of the best universities around the globe with the likes of Oxford, Stanford, Harvard and more.

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MEST Africa

They as well offer selected entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs) the opportunity to be mentored by real-life Entrepreneurs, CEOs and other executives from all over the world. Some of its guest lecturers are executives of Uber, Facebook, Safaricom, Samsung, Interswitch, etc.

This year, MEST Africa says it is welcoming entrepreneurs living in Ghana and Nigeria mainly because of the way organizations operate around the world today due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, causing travel restrictions and moving many workplaces to adopt digital solutions.

Who qualifies to to be accepted into the MEST Africa Training Program?

  • A degree from a top university or Technical College or equivalent experience with at least two (2) years corporate and startup experience (preferred)
  • Deep skills in either communications, business or software development (from the onset or acquired during the Pre-Learning stage)
  • Young persons crazy about tech and entrepreneurship, and how to use technology to achieve business results
  • Should be ready to commit to a full residential program for a whole year
  • Disciplined, motivated self-starter who can work and deliver on assignments and projects – demonstrate this by completing the required Pre-Learning courses and MEST’s rigorous recruitment process
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to start a company
  • Ability to communicate candidly and persuasively
  • Ability to work well in teams, proven academic or professional excellence
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Confident and independent thinking
  • Excellent people skills
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The MEST Africa Training Program commences on the 1st of September and ends on the 31 of August, 2022. All interested persons should find out more about the Curriculum Structure. You will complete their pre-learning courses, take an aptitude test and the Training Program Application form. This is a fully sponsored training for all qualified entrepreneurs.

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