Apply to the $100,000 McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge for Ghanaian Startups

Registration has opened for the maiden edition of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge 2018. The reality television competition will see the ultimate winner walk away with funding and mentoring support of $25,000 to fund his or her business idea. Application is from now until the very last day of the Challenge on February 16th, 2018.


The McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge is seeking to promote entrepreneurship among the youth in the country through idea development, training, mentoring through to project implementation. The Challenge will see the maximum of fifty  (50) young people between the ages of 16 and 29 selected from all regions in Ghana to compete for up to US$ 100, 000 for a period of three (3) calendar months.

Who Qualifies to Participate?

The project will begin with calls for ideas from all over the country. Through a series of evaluation criteria, a maximum of five (5) individuals/groups will be selected for each tertiary institution in each region in the country. This will bring the initial number of selected candidates to 150 nationwide.

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A group of consultants will meet the contestants on a zonal basis and select a total of fifty (50), that is, two (5) from the selected institution after interacting with them. The final fifty (50) will be housed for a period of ninety (90) days in Accra and shall receive training and mentoring, to develop their ideas into full projects.

The contestants will have the opportunity to pilot their projects on the small-scale basis under careful guidance. After careful evaluation of the projects, a panel of seasoned consultants will select the most viable project which shall receive funding up to US$100,000. The remaining team members will have the opportunity to present their projects to other investors for possible funding.

The McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge is being organized in collaboration with Today’s Entrepreneurs Network (TEN Ghana), who maintain that, youth unemployment remains the biggest national security threat to the  country  and the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge is seeking to help empower the youth by creating their own jobs.

The Challenge will be aired on some selected television in Ghana which is intended to make it possible for the public to also participate and learn some entrepreneurial skills and project development.

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  1. Please am a gradute studied entrepreneurship and fiancé as major at Kumasi technical university I want to investors to invest in my business how can I participate in this program

  2. Good day please am Mercy a young entrepreneur CEO of ohemaa cosmetics and Detergents l also want to participate in the challenge

  3. Beautiful program but I think projects with enviromental and social positive objectives should be more considered. Also age should not be a factor since our culture makes it difficuilt for people to achieve their potentials at early ages. I wish i can show my Social enterprenuer eco project on your playform to educate more youth how to start a good social enterprenuer project. My project is registrted as Green Village. We do organic vegetables, tilapia and catfish farm. We also use plastic bittles for building for making raise up vegetable beds for raise up fish farm. We are serving more than 300 customers now.

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