Are You Financially Intelligent? Here is how to be one

The primacy of money

Each one of us operates with money. We use money as a medium of exchange. We give it in exchange for the things we need. When you don’t have it, life can be tough. Life without money could be quite frustrating. For a lot of us, our daily activities are centered on how we can attract and pile up more dough. We dream about it, we pray about it, we wish for it and also work for it.

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The love for money

In spite of the critical role money plays in our lives, we are taught that

the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

When you make money the primary and ultimate motivator of your life, your heart will be filled with greed, selfishness, lust and materialism. These will surely lead you to destruction. You wouldn’t mind lying, cheating, gambling or even killing for it. The love of money has led many to sacrifice rich relationships. It is a dangerous thing to keep money in your heart.

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The love of money has nothing to do with how much you have or don’t have at the bank. It has everything to do with your value system. There are rich people who violate spiritual, legal, moral and social principles just because they want to acquire more money. Likewise, there are poor people who do that.

There are equally those who are poor, yet very decent and would not sacrifice their conscience and principles because of money. In the same vein, there are wealthy people who are quite decent because they don’t allow money to rule their hearts.

Wishes are not horses

Desire is not a strategy. Although it is good to have a desire, desire alone will not usher you to your dream land. Any desire that is not anchored by the right motive, relevant knowledge and effective strategy shall at best be a day dream.

Just because you desire to have loads of cash does not mean you will have it. There is a deliberate path we must follow in order to attain financial dominion. Money responds to strategy. Don’t just wish for it. Pursue it.

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Financial Intelligence

In dealing with money, you must be intelligent. You must learn principles, sharpen your skills and keep your knowledge base up-to-date. Your financial worth is a product of your financial intelligence. Here are three elements of financial intelligence:

1. What you do with money: Many times, people complain about how low their income levels are. They cite the lowness of their income as the basis for their financial predicaments. But throughout history, we know of people who had a fortune at a point in their lives but blew all away and ended up as paupers. We also know people who earned peanuts, yet ended their lives with empires. It is not how much you earn that makes you rich but what you do with what you earn that makes the difference.

2. What you think about money: You are what you think. If you think right about money, you will get your finances right. How you think about life and particularly about money determines what you do with money. Your thought pattern will even inform the attitude you bring to bear on the tasks that generate income for you. If you have a mediocre mindset, your work will not be excellent and thus your finances will be shambolic. If you want to get your finances in order, start with your mind.

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3. What you know about money: Knowledge shapes your thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you want to enhance your finances, there must necessarily be an upgrading of your knowledge base. You can’t rise beyond the frontiers of what you know. Learn about money. Read books on personal financial management. Have some knowledge on book keeping. Seek mentors who will share insights with you.

You can put your finances in order. You can be a master of wealth. It’s possible.

Terry Mante is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and CEO of Personal Development Network. He is an author with five books published already. His write-ups feature prominently in the Business and Financial Times and The General Telegraph every week.

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