Ask for Help: A Sure Path to Personal and Business Success

How would you like to achieve your goals and results effortlessly? By that I mean, how would you like to achieve your desired results or outcomes without requiring any unnecessary physical or mental strain? When it comes to your goals and results in life and business, achieving effortless success means you are able to obtain maximum results with least amount of effort.

If the idea of effortless success is one that has captured your interest, then I’m going to share with you one secret to accelerating your personal and business performance in any sector or industry. It’s a lesson I learned from Gary Ryan Blair.

It’s called…ask your way to success.

In the words of Gary Ryan Blair…

Developing the discipline to speak up and asking your way to success is the highest and purest form of leverage, as proper execution of that strategy provides immediate access to the three things you need most…

  • Opportunity to showcase your greatness.
  • Contacts who can say yes, and who can open closed doors on your behalf.
  • First-Hand Knowledge of what it takes to achieve a particular goal.

Your ability to gain immediate access to these three key drivers with minimal effort, can and will catapult your life faster and further ahead than you can ever possibly imagine.

The simple act of asking for what you want is critical to your success, yet it’s a vastly underutilized strategy for three primary reasons.

  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of confidence
  • Saying it is a sign of weakness
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As a result of these self-defeating beliefs and attitudes, the vast majority of people struggle to make any significant progress towards their goals. In effect, they have subordinated their lives to getting the minimum result with the maximum effort.

Three Core Beliefs

The following are the three core beliefs which once adopted will radically transform your future.

  1. Asking for what you want is the fastest, and easiest way to achieve access to opportunity, contacts and knowledge. One conversation with a well-connected person can provide decades of knowledge and insights, which in turn will help you to fast track your results.
  2. Asking for what you want is a smart, savvy strategy and a demonstration of strength, character and confidence, for the simple reason that you get out life what you have the courage and confidence to ask for.
  3. The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes, and who will actively conspire to help you achieve your goals.

I believe that if you only knew the opportunities, advancements, and possibilities that you were not receiving, nor enjoying because you were not asking your genies for help, you would surely change your behavior.

Those of us who are married or in relationships are so because we asked the person of our dreams to share their life with us. This offers us tangible proof that we really can realize our dreams merely by asking. And yet, despite tangible evidence, the vast majority of people don’t use the power of asking to their way to success.

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Start Now

The how part of asking your way to success is often the tricky part for most people. Therefore, follow these guidelines, and ask clearly, confidently, consistently, and creatively for what you want your genie to deliver, and always ask from the heart.

  • If you need more information in order to solve a challenging problem…don’t moan and complain about it, speak up and ask for it.
  • If you believe your product or solution is in your clients best interest, don’t be bashful…ask for the business.
  • If you are interested in meeting someone that you find attractive…don’t be afraid…ask for the date.
  • If you want the job or opportunity…don’t wait for the employer to call you…demonstrate your desire, and ask for the job.
  • If a customer complained and asked for a refund, don’t wait for them to provide feedback on how you can improve…ask for candid feedback.
  • If you are starting a diet and could use help and accountability from someone, don’t expect them to read your mind…ask for their help.

Be mindful that before you can expect your genie to respond favorably to your requests, you have to willingly cooperate with those asking for your help. That’s what paying it forward is all about.

You must also be generous and kind. This sets in motion relationships and networks that are predisposed to help you because you are worthy of it.

The moral of this simple but powerful lesson is threefold…

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in life.
  2. Good things come to those you ask.
  3. If there’s something to gain and nothing to lose by asking; by all means ask!
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A new week is about to unfold, and along with it the chance to make demonstrable progress towards your goals.

Therefore, focus your intention on what you want to achieve, and who can best help you. Then once you are certain on what you want…boldly and confidently ask your genie for help.

The worst thing that could happen is that they say No, but the upside produces such desirable fruit and that is precisely why you must start asking your way to success.

Do something BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL this week and always remember…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

There you have it. There are people willing and waiting to help if we will just ask. The problem is, as entrepreneurs, we sometimes think that somehow we must figure everything on our own. This lesson transformed my view about asking 2 years ago, and my career has never been the same. No wonder The Good Book says ask and you shall receive.

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