Like Entertainers, Entrepreneurs Should Use that Final Punchline in Marketing Engagements

“You don’t have the second chance,” we’re often told, “to make a good first impression.” I do agree. At least, […]

Nine Days’ Wonder Threat to Many African Entrepreneurs

In 1553, Lady Jane Grey became the Queen of England. Unfortunately, nine days after her enthronement as a queen, she […]

Love for the Game: the Needed Fuel for Success in Entrepreneurship

You can’t separate entrepreneurship from love – be it in theory or in practice. You can’t. If you try it, what happened […]

Sleep: A Productive Tool is A Must for Every Entrepreneur

Jokes apart, as entrepreneurs we have got to learn how to pause, push the loads of work aside, and just […]

Learn to Localize Your Intelligence the Didi Chuxing Way

It seems Uberization is now the new order. Consequently, strange business models that defy the classroom postulations of business school […]

The Essence of Not Overly Feeding Your Team with Instructions

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Indubitably, parents play critical roles in the formation of a child’s beliefs and character. If parents do their jobs aright, […]

“Never Allow Your Child Become an Entrepreneur” – Chinonso Ogbogu

If your child tells you that he wants to become an entrepreneur, you better cry and pray for him. I mean […]