Ayefro Inc: Find the Right Service Providers for Your Weddings & Parties

The best way to find the right service providers for your next event is by using the Ayefro Inc app! If you are planning a wedding, traditional marriage, church or Islamic wedding, graduation party, birthday party, bachelorette, you no longer need to struggle to find the right service providers who fit your budget, without compromising on quality of work!

With Ayefro Inc app, start-up vendors, established vendors and couples (event holders) all benefit. This is a win-win situation for everyone, whilst helping create employment opportunities for all.

For the start-up vendor, you get the opportunity to build your brand and create relevant connections and establish key relationships, which will help set off your career as an event vendor.

For established vendors, you get access to a larger customer base, the option to expand your business beyond your current location, to open branches, to employ more workers, train more vendors, etc.

For couples, or other people looking to host an event, you get a large selection of vendors to choose from. You can easily compare prices, ratings, quality of work, etc. Every event must be memorable. Ayefro Inc guarantees you the very best.

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Whatever service you require for your event, there are more than 100,000+ vendors in your location, who are ready to provide you with services, at affordable prices.

Ayefro Inc mobile app is rated the best mobile app for finding event vendors all over the world. It makes event planning Fast, Fun and Reliable.

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  • Profile Selection – Choose your profile type; either a service provider or someone in need of a service provider.
  • Create Events – You can create as many events as you happen to organize in real life. Events can range from birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, festivals, or a friendly hangout.
  • Bid Event – As a service provider using the Ayefro Inc mobile app, you can apply for events around you. You can gain a competitive advantage by Price, Ratings and Reviews, your past works displayed in your gallery, level-headedness, etc.
  • Award Event – A user can award an event to any service provider of his/her choice.
  • Review service providers – Users can rate and review the quality of work of service providers based on the experience they had. This ensures that hard working service providers are rewarded.
  • Service Provider’s Gallery – Service providers can add pictures to their galleries which all other users within the same locality may see. You will be inspired.
  • Blog – The #1 event planning blog in the world provides you with many memorable tips, real life stories, wedding pictures, and informative articles to keep you always entertained. The blog is regularly updated, and there is never a dull moment.
  • Featured Vendors – Service providers can pay to be featured on the app. This increases their visibility and general brand awareness to potential clients. By consistently being a featured vendor and earning more contracts, service providers can build a great brand for themselves through the Ayefro Inc mobile app.

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Worldwide – (Currently in UK, USA, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin, India & Ghana.)

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