Be Significant. Create Something. Create Solutions!!!

This is yet another great insight from Mr Marricke, urging you on to spot great business ideas within the same problems around you and making it work. Do enjoy.

Hardwork, even though a virtue, is NOT a competitive advantage anymore – expansive thinking, problem solving and spotting future opportunities before they become known to the masses – that’s the new competitive advantage. In fact, it has always been.

Every day-to-day problem around us is an opportunity to succeed whether as individuals, businesses or government – take one problem that everybody else may be experiencing, solve it – and you will become very successful – both in influence and in wealth.

That’s why Africa probably has the most opportunities for success – because we have so many problems, each of which equally represents so many opportunities.

Find an area you are most passionate about, look there for a problem that irritates you the most, set some time apart daily, dwell on it, think hard on it, evolve a solution for it, test it, refine it further, perfect it, make it available in a form accessible by many – and see how fulfilled you will be – spiritually, physically and materially.

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You see, we are created in the image of God –


If you are NOT creating, you can never be fulfilled – whether as an individual, business or country!

Go forth, CREATE something….FORCE your mind to do what it was created to do – to bring into existence, what never was! That is how we can and collectively become gods in the earth – CREATE!!!

Author: Marricke Kofi Gane, a Ghanaian Certified Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and an International Development specialist. He is also a published author and a technology and economics enthusiast. A well renowned public speaker, he is well noted for deep insights into future business trends and challenging the status quo of Africa’s politics.

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