Being Authentic Women in a Fast-Paced World

This is especially dedicated to women. As a Life Success Coach to many women, I understand and empathize with the different stages of life’s journey many go through.

“I know who I am. How did I end up here?”
The inner dialogue triggered by the conflict between our internal and external environment.

“Be yourself”
How we know we’d rather be but often settle for the alternative; fitting in to please the status quo and find acceptance.

“What do I really want?”
The question we ask ourselves at the point of cognitive dissonance – when what we believe, how we feel and how we behave are in conflict.

A word that carries a connotation of authoritative certification that an object is what it claims to be.

Honest, not pretending, frank, sincere.

Our life is a work of art. And we hold the paintbrush.

But authenticity eludes most people at the best of times; being who they were created to be and being fearless with it. Daring boldly to be different in spite of fear or ridicule.

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The desire to fit-in, gain more respect, avoid rejection, appear more successful, more fit or more stylish has multitudes of women struggling to find, live or maintain their authentic identity. Indeed, not all women conform to this. Some have found their inner Zen and taken charge of the direction of their destiny; an almost mean feat in today’s high-pressure society. But there are still a huge number of women on a quest for freedom from the constraints of personal perceptions and past experience, and being buried under the different masks of ‘miss independent.’

What does this mean for the modern woman?

It means that with the growing demands women place upon themselves based on self-imposed standards or those projected upon them by the media and society as a whole, many wear masks to suit those different roles they play; daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, CEO, Minister, etc.

The end result over time is this – personalities, attitudes, habits and expressions they feel do not give a true representation of what they feel, what they want or who they are. And fatigue born of the strain of life’s demands.

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Needless to say, under oppressive regimes in parts of the world where women are deemed second-class, masks offer protection and are an almost necessary survival tool. Standing up for their truth, many, both young and old, have suffered heart-wrenching persecution or death at the hands of their oppressors. But in what is deemed the ‘free world,’ what’s the excuse?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” ~ Louis Armstrong.

Many undertake this journey on their own successfully and end up living the lives of their dreams. But sometimes a woman needs a helping hand, a non-judgmental listening ear and strategic direction in her search for answers, guidance, direction and inspiration. Sometimes, a woman needs a good friend with chocolate cake, a prayer partner, a friend that makes them laugh, a mentor to give sage advice or a life success coach to help her achieve her dreams in a savvy, strategic and smart way.

Sometime a woman simply needs to strip off the masks and colour her life beautiful!

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