Bongalo Announces the Launch of the First African Short-Term Accommodation Booking Platform

Bongalo Ltd, an online accommodation reservation company announced the launch of its online booking platform. Bongalo is the first accommodation booking platform to envision offering its services at a continental level and becoming Africa’s go-to short-term accommodation booking platform.

“Price and comfort are of utmost concern for every traveler searching for accommodation and it’s what Bongalo has based its promise on. We realize that hotel rooms are expensive and do not offer a local experience, which is very valued by travelers. The existing booking platforms do not offer easy payment methods for African travelers. They also have limited Payout options for local Hosts (PayPal & Payoneer)” – explained Founder and CEO Nghombombong Minuifuong.

In an effort to make travel experiences much more enjoyable and create cultural bonding between guests and their hosts, Bongalo is building a community around People, Travel, and Cultural experience.

The company is focusing on travelers and hosts within the African continent, by leveraging the inclusive Fintech solution of Mobile money wallet payment introduced by Telcos, which has gained strong ground in Africa. Users on Bongalo can book accommodation and pay with a mobile money account. Similarly, hosts can be paid directly to their local bank account or mobile money account.

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Bongalo already supports mobile money payments in five countries; Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. With the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing measures being enforced, reports have shown that travelers no longer feel safe interacting with staff in hotels. This makes private home bookings the safest accommodation options for travelers. Launched in Rwanda, Bongalo plans to expand its services exponentially to be able to serve all travelers across Africa.

About Bongalo Ltd: Bongalo is an online accommodation booking company based in Kigali, Rwanda. Founded in 2018 in Bamenda, Bongalo has served over 50 guests from seven African countries visiting Rwanda, registered 201 booked nights, and worked with 23 apartments in Kigali since Oct 2019.

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