Bongalo: Browse Through Available Homes in Cameroon with Comfort

The Bongalo app helps provide information about houses to let in the towns and cities of Cameroon.

House searchers sit in the comfort of their homes and scrolls through varieties of houses and chooses which one to take based on price factors, locations, type, accessibility etc.

A user downloads the app and installs, signs up by selecting just their town of interest which can be updated later in their account settings in case they need to change towns of interest.

Once that is done, they are free to browse through available facilities in different locations of the chosen town. If they find what interests them, they contact the landlord and move on to strike the deal.

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Real Estates


  • Very simple to use and demands only your town of interest as sign up requirement.
  • Users can update their towns in their accounts if they want to search for facilities in different towns other than their current towns.
  • Facilities are categorized under Apartments, Studios and Rooms making it easy for a user to find exactly what they want.
  • Facilities are posted with all details such as: Price per month, Location, Specifications, etc.

Bongalo app screenshots

Bongalo app screenshots
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Markets Usable:

Cameroon *Soon to expand to other markets.

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