Building A Brand Culture for Your Company

 “An exceptional brand culture has the effect of a charm, it entices and binds people” – Bernard Kelvin Clive.

A brand culture is a set of beliefs, symbols and values accepted and practiced by a company to enhance its brand experience by consumers. Brand culture has to do with the set of values, principles and ethics the company believes in and lives by.

While it’s okay to have a good product and service in this age, having just a good product is not enough because there are dozens of companies offering same products and services. So, to be remarkable, one must aim at building a sustainable brand culture that will hook consumers.

This culture should be experienced internally and externally. It must provide staff and consumers with a sense of pride, belonging and bonding.

Take a look at the Apple brand; it is arguably a good brand of electronic products, however, the pride and class associated with an Apple product are what makes consumers and Apple fans stick.

To build an effective brand culture, focus on not just providing quality products and services, but a user experience worth recounting. Harley Davidson motors just don’t offer another motor bike but a community, a sense of belonging. Does your company have a brand culture? If so, what is it? If not, consider creating one to sustain your brand. Think of emotional connections, causes, stories, rivalries and niches in creating your brand culture.

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The bottom line is this: consumers no longer want to buy just a brand, they want to be associated with the inner values exhibited in those brands, they want a sense of meaning, they want connection.

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