Business Card is Not Dead! These Entrepreneurs Emphasize

The business card has its origin from China in the 15th century and in the 17th century, Aristocrats in Europe handed their call cards to butlers when paying visits to friends and other important people. The usage of the call card gained popularity in the United  States of America early in the 20th century, when it became seen as vital for business transactions.

In our ever evolving digital age, more and more people are taking business activities online especially via social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. and getting deals done. So when the statement was made that, THE BUSINESS CARD IS DEAD, members of our Facebook Discussion Community who are entrepreneurs themselves unanimously disagreed. Follow the reasons for their positions.

1. Not every business person is on social media.

“Social media has indeed come to create a better way for people to do business. That said, the business card still maintains a place in the world of business. The truth of the matter is, not all business people are on social media. Or, you may meet someone at a program or on your way going somewhere, and after a brief interaction, there will be the need to exchange contacts. It may be too cumbersome for the person to log on to a social media platform to send you a friend request. There and then, a business card comes in handy.” – Jonathan Adzokpe, CEO of Hetura Books.

2. Business card caters for social media details.

“…the business card often caters for your social media details. Truth is, one might not contact you immediately but might chance on the card and use it later when there is a business deal that requires your expertise. In a circumstance where they forget your social media and have nothing to refer to later, you stand the chance of losing a deal or two. Also most people rather keep their social media pages for socialization and not for business purposes.” – Gamel Sankarl, Author and Speaker.

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3. Social media is not a place to do business with top business executives.

“Not everyone is on social media. Not everyone is active on social media. Not everyone uses real identity on social media. You meet Kwame Despite by chance one day, he wants to follow up on a business discussion, he asks for contacts and you want to give him your facebook profile? Lol. Always have a business card with you.” – Augustine Gyimah Osei, Co-founder of G.Force

4. Business cards establish real identities.

“Social media is playing a key role in business growth but one cannot always sit beside his or her laptop claiming to be dealing with clients without making time to meet them in person forever. (We must learn how and when to make business of social media) and there are a lot of hidden identities here on social media but the truth with business card is; it is very rare to see someone hiding his real identity on his card… simple and short, BUSINESS CARDS are still relevant in today’s business world.” – Ebenezer Essuman, Founding Partner at Synergy Empire Inc.

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5. Business cards tell how serious you are.

“The need for business cards cannot be underestimated. It defines how official and serious you are and your readiness to do business. How many of these successful business giants in Ghana will ignore call cards and solely depend on social media? At business gatherings, people may request for my call card first but not social media details.” – Sam Rhema, CEO of Sam Rhema House.

6. Both online and business card informations must be accurate.

“The business card (though I always throw them away after receiving them) is a way of communicating how formal you are. That’s the only aim it achieves nowadays. Because once you receive it, if that person is important to you, you will store his name and number on your phone and you are done. You don’t want to appear foolish by meeting someone who asks for your card and you don’t have one. But at the same time, make sure your information online is accurate and you can be easily reached. Many times people may forget you on the spot but remember you one day and decide to look you up on the internet. So business cards and social media profiles must work together. If you can afford to, buy your name online like Google will always return your own site before any other and that’s a good way to control your brand online.” – Edem Kumordzi, Co-founder of StoreFoundry

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7. The quality of your cards increase your brand value.

Your call card is your second brand next to your appearance, if you meet someone for the first-time. The quality of your call card will determine if the recipient will throw it away or keep it. If you want to climb high on the journey of true excellence you need Call Cards. But it must be nicely designed and of high quality. Social media has no effect on the usage of call cards in my opinion. We still need call cards to maintain a good brand.” – Bernard Agyei, Co-founder at Nakwes Technologies.

8. Business prospects always expect your business card.

“From a more global perspective, especially when you travel a lot for conferences and international programs. When you are out there, not everyone will appreciate your online presence. When you want to close a deal and your prospect requires that you hand over your call card, you can not inform that fellow to go search you online. In my opinion, everyone needs call cards but how frequent you utilize it depends on your field and your engagement with people offline.” – Bernard Agyei, Co-founder at Nakwes Technologies.

Are these facts presented by the entrepreneurs convincing enough? Add your own reasons if you feel strongly about this topic.

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