STARTUPS: Get inspired by the entrepreneurial stories of fellow young Africans as they discuss with us their startup innovatives and disruptive business ideas, where they are, their survival strategies, how they are growing and the future for the companies.

Farmart is an Idea to Contribute to Fighting Hunger and Poverty

Farmart – The farmers’ market linking farmers to buyers. Agrocentry founder, Abraham Nii Omani Quaye, an agro-business enthusiast, is on […]

Suglo Mabel – Anzisha Prize Winner Who Gives Jobs to the Physically Challenged

Eco-shoes founder, Suglo Mabel, was the Anzisha prize 2015 second runner-up who has built a shoe company that mainly employs […]

uMusic Online – Ending the Copyright Infringements Suffered by Artistes

Yes! uMusic online is disrupting the digital distribution of artistes’ works inspired by the many infringements by existing distributing platforms. Music is […]

London Born Ghanaian Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Global African-Owned Stationery Company

Christopher Osei – Frimpong, grew up in South London, UK, and has had an eye for business from an early […]


Hill Bill Shoes – Inspired by 3 Qualities Men Expect in Footwear

Over the years, fashion has evolved and shoes have been essential part of it. We all have various reasons why […]

My Home Teacher – Teaching Agency Upgrading the Teacher-Student Experience

We all can attest to the fact that, some of us couldn’t ask questions in class because we were afraid […]

Blooming Africa Empowers You to Transform the Continent

Join Transform and Develop Africa with Blooming Africa The “New African” is one that is passionate about the accelerated development of […]

Forhey Enables Convenience in Arduous Unproductive Tasks via Tech

In an era where the working class of society is on the rise in many African cities, one of the […]

Zaacoal: An Idea Funded with Law Fees, Achieving Cleaner Energy

Zaacoal is  Green Energy for Impact with No Single Tree Suffering for it. Zaacoal is an awarding winning innovative startup […]

Sika Challenges Banks with Low Cost Global Money Transfer Service

Sika takes a bold step to challenge banks and mobile money services in Ghana with its low cost global money transfer […]