Correction in Continuity: Stop Sweating for Perfection

You know that mixed feeling you have when you think you are not on track, or what you are doing seems not to resonate with anyone…or simply don’t think you are doing the right thing.

That feeling of loneliness, confusion or even regret, that what you are doing has no meaning or bearing to where you desire to be. Have you had that feeling before? Are you currently having that feeling? I have been there!

So, how do you get yourself out of that feeling and pump yourself up to a whole new level, where you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here’s an illustration from a short story of our makeup artist and my bride;

We all lodged in the same hotel. Our makeup artist arrived on Friday night and we booked a room for her close to my bride. Mine was few rooms away.

I woke up at about 6am or thereabout on Saturday morning, only to discover that they (our makeup artist, my bride and her bridesmaids) have been awake since 4am working on their makeup for the wedding.

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Although I was not allowed into her room (you know the, “you’re not allowed to see the bride” drama), a peep into her room showed that a lot of work was going on there…the whole room was in a makeup chaos, with different tools scattered here and there. The pictures from the room confirmed what I saw.

While, back in my room, it was so scanty and quiet as a graveyard (funny right?), as I and my best man dressed ‘jejely’ as we got ready to head to the church.

If you only knew the work every makeup artist puts in to the make up of a bride for her big day.

She tries different makeup colours, patterns, layers upon layers, she cleans it off, tries another colour, a different pattern, adds another layer, on and on, until she gets the ‘suitable’ (not the perfect) makeup for the bride.

Why didn’t I use the word ‘perfect’?

Because, if you ask any makeup artist, they will tell you there is always an improvement in every job. If they would work on the same lady’s face again, they probably would do something different and even do a better makeup than the previous one.

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Striving for perfection would mean, taking the whole Saturday for makeup alone.

Now imagine you are that makeup artist, as you build your personal or business brand…

You are in a process.

You sometimes would be in a mess. Finding the ‘perfect’ message, services, or audience can be chaotic.

You are painting your brand, adding different layers to the brand, changing patterns and concepts upon concepts.

Making corrections where necessary.

At every phase your objective should be to deliver a brand that is suitable (not perfect) per time to your audience or client and then make improvements as you go.

Waiting until it is perfect before you set out…could mean waiting till the next man shows up and takes your space.

When I look back at my work in 2011 and now, I see a big difference, I see improvement, I see correction in continuity, I see a story of progress, not perfection. I see a journey.

For example, I never used to write like this before, in fact, I disliked English language as a subject in high school, composition was a nightmare. But the story is different now.

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Now here’s something to take home.

The vision you have for your brand is for an appointed time, while you work to see it come to fruition, keep on doing what you do, keep working it, add layers upon layers, change patterns or methodology if you have to, tweak your approach…

At the beginning of an end, it will begin to make sense, clarity will come in continuity.

What’s your own story of correction in continuity?

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