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CustOpinion was founded by Solomon Boye-Laryea and Gideon Kombian, who believe businesses need to have closer relationships with their customers and their startup company is just doing exactly that. I caught up with Solomon to know more about his business and his life as an entrepreneur.

Coincidentally, this startup was launched on St. Valentine’s Day, signifying the need for fostering stronger relationship between businesses and their customers.

Having identified a substantial amount of gap existing between various businesses and how they interact with their customers, Solomon reveals what his startup company does and why they are in the market, “CustOpinion, was launched on 14th February, 2015. The business objective of CustOpinion is to move every business that matters closer to their customers, in a way that they can relate and interact in a seamless fashion. Many businesses are currently trying to achieve this on social media platforms but consistently, research after research indicates that this is not properly achieved. And the worse of all the returns on social media engagements in most cases are low.”

He explains further, “instant messaging, browsing pictures and videos with apps have become a common thing and part of consumer behavior. In view of that some organisations are beginning to use instant messaging apps to connect more with customers. But existing apps are limited in design and features for businesses. CustOpinion is equipped to provide that level of corporate interactive business messaging with additional marketing features.”

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CustOpinion is really a service to watch out for if you run a serious business and you consider your cusomers as paramount as he says, “It is our vision to influence the way business is ran globally.

The application is made up of a downloadable mobile app to be used by customers to send messages (feedback, inquires etc.) to organisations they do business with or are interested in and a dashboard (both web and mobile) primarily for businesses to receive messages sent by customers and also send out messages to customers.

When asked how they are marketing the platform he reveals they are currently “working on partnerships with media organisations to help promote the app. This has become extremely necessary because of the ‘chicken and egg’ situation we find ourselves. This means that while businesses are asking us how many people have downloaded the app, users want to know which businesses are on the app so they can find it valuable when they download.”

Coming by a name for a business is normally an fascinating routine one goes through, so I always ask CEOs how such moments were for them and how they got the names. In the case of CustOpinion, the founder revealed “CustOpinion is made up of two words – Customer and Opinion. The idea initially was to provide people the opportunity to send their thoughts and opinion (feedback) to businesses whose products and services they consume, but as we continue our customer validation process we realised we could give more to businesses and to the customers who download the app. However we have not changed the name.”

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Getting funding for disruptive businesses in Africa is quite a daunting task and it appears it is no different for Solomon and Gideon who admitted that the business has been ran purely on personal savings till date and are currently looking for investors so their venture can be taken to the next level.

Solomon is a proud product of Melt Water incubator and with his background in Computer Science it has been easy to adapt to this tech space quite easily.

A strong statement by Solomon which only takes belief and extra resolve to make is, “I am in this venture to make Ghana and Africa proud, and that’s it; so that the rest of the world can see that we can build and do great stuffs in spite of the challenges in our Sub-Saharan region.”

When quizzed on where his business should be in the near future, he envisions “CustOpinion to be a global business in the next five years.”

For the many of you who need inspiration and motivation to start walking your path to success Solomon has this for you, “Entrepreneurship is the only means by which the Africa Rising dream can be realized, so lets get prepared and jump on the entrepreneurship wagon and do our best.”

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So there you have it, this startup has a lot in store for us. Check their site and download their app to have a better customer relation with your favourite company at

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