DARE YOURSELF INTO SUCCESS. The 7 Ps Of Success with Ferdinard Senyo Lawson (pt 1)

We bring you these instructive principles of success by Ferdinand Lawson who is passionate about leadership and we are glad to share these secrets of success he terms 7 Ps of success to inspire you. Explore…

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Have you ever wondered how some individuals succeed in life and you struggle to succeed?

This life will never give you the success you need until you make a demand on yourself or dare yourself to see the success you desire or want.

Success is relative and can be personal, depending on the individual’s interest and definition of success. Whatever or however you want to see or define your personal success, there are some fundamental rules or laws that govern how we dare ourselves into that success.

To some, sleeping could be a success for them simply because, medically or clinically, they could not sleep due to some form of illness or sickness that has plagued their life preventing them from sleeping. Some may also see eating, dancing, reading, swimming, speaking in public or writing a book as success just to mention a few. What do you see as your personal success in life?

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Whatever you think, you can never get to the top of a house or something without climbing the ladder or stairs. I dare you to push yourself into that success you have always dreamt for yourself. I am challenging you right now to step out of that comfort zone to break limitations, jump over hurdles and things that may have kept you at bay from success.

Success is not microwaveable. You need to work at it tirelessly.

Dare yourself to achieve your greatest ambitions, break new grounds and attain new levels for your life. Your happiness in life is embedded in your dream, goal, aspiration and ambition. I dare you to go out for it. Until you step up and keep up, you will never become your own hero.

Dare yourself to succeed by living and chasing your dream.

According to my good friend, Emmanuel ‬Abroba Ankumah,

“Success is not actually achieved with only luck but being at the right place at the right time”.

You have to make up your mind to succeed and also have a positive attitude towards its achievements. Equip yourself with every necessary skill or competence needed for excellence.

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To become successful in life, it is very paramount that, you develop and have a conscious awareness about these 7 Ps in order to push yourself to succeed regardless of the challenges and hurdles along the way.

cont’d in part 2.

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Ferdinard Lawson

 Author: Ferdinard Senyo Lawson is a Beffta Awards winning author (2013) of many inspirational and motivational books. African Heritage Award best Author Nominee 2014, Beffta Award Best author Nominee, 2014. He is a Life coach, mentor, publication consultant, Columnist, radio host, the C.E.O and the founder of Ferdinard Lawson publication consultancy.

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