Dear Business Owner, How Disciplined is Your Time?

Every year I meet many people with great ideas. Some of them go on to make those ideas real, viable, sustainable and profitable ventures. Others struggle, not because their ideas are not great but because they lack a key ingredient for success; time discipline.

Turning your idea into a real business is not a walk in the park. Think the discipline of a corporate job then double it. You are now the CEO of your own private corporation and every decision concerning the venture falls on you. The first few years of working for yourself will take more out of you than if you were working for someone else. But after you have put systems and processes in place, you can create the time freedom so many people desperately desire when they pursue entrepreneurial goals. But it takes being strategic and being disciplined with time. 

Some people will think you are mean or ruthless when you say, “No” to their requests. But get this; requests that add no value to your goals and dreams are borrowing hours from your 24-hours whilst you are losing out. No bueno! 

Whether you work-from-home or you work out of an office, schedule your workflow. Treat your business as you would a corporate job with a boss who keeps you accountable. Measure your progress against targets. How many phone calls do you need to make? How many pages do you need to write? How many clients do you need to follow up? How much marketing do you need to do to get the exposure you need? Time each task and move on to the next until you have done what you need to do for the day. Some of your tasks will carry over to the next day but that is great if you make each day productive.

If anything in your business fails, the buck stops with you. And if anything succeeds, you can look at your systems and know that you’re doing things right with your time.

So take a look at how you want your venture to flourish this year. Decide how you are going to discipline your diary, your watch and yourself in a savvy, strategic and smart way. At the end of the year, you will look back and say, “It has been a great year!” because you took your 24-hours and ‘told it’ exactly how you want it to work for you.

Happy new year and may your dreams come true!

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