Don’t Compete with Your Own Brand for Space and Attention

There is always that temptation to be heard and seen at the expense of your brand product. Resist and fight that feeling, give yourself some time to grow and be smart in your dealings.

It is a learning process that comes with its own rules of engagement.

The startup life is one of the loneliest journey you would ever embark upon. Do not expect any overnight success and in the same vein, do not ever become jealous of the successes of others’ progress.

Let the works or achievements of others rather inspire your own journey as an entrepreneur.

Remember, we have different destinations.

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Patience should be your only ally. Just as the farmer believes in seasons; so must you.

It takes the average mango farmer at least three (3) years to see his fruits.

Allow your idea some time to germinate or develop and like Steve Jobs puts it, “Don’t allow the noise of others drown your inner voice.”

CONCENTRATE on your product and brand, the others come naturally.

As usual, “Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish.”

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