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E-Square Education: Genius Group in 2nd Takeover in S.A. to Grow Entrepreneur Education in Africa

E-Square Education

Genius Group reports that it has successfully signed an agreement with E-Square Education group based in South Africa to increase entrepreneurship education in Africa. The acquisition is a takeover of E-Square’s primary, secondary and tertiary education platforms which include their Ed-U College (Port Elizabeth), Ed-U Academy (Ed-U Academy), Private Schools, E-Cube Online and Ed-U City Campus.

E-Square Education group’s acquisition by Genius Group is the latest in a series thanks to its mission of providing an internationally accredited entrepreneurship education curriculum for the 21st century.

The report indicates this is the second acquisition by Genius Group in South Africa, after it had initially acquired Tau Game Lodge, the luxury Safari Lodge and Conference Centre in Madikwe Game Reserve.

By way of snippet of information, Genius group is the world’s leading entrepreneurship education group and it is the holding company for GeniusU, Genius Institute and Genius School. Especially for GeniusU, it is an edtech platform which provides over 1.4 million students across 200 nations with personalised learning paths and microdegrees on business building skills.

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E-Square Education has since 1994 been providing entrepreneurship education and accredited by the Department of Education in South Africa. The edtech company seeks to provide a unique pathway of early learning, primary, secondary and tertiary education to over 38,000 students, aged between 6 and 80 across multiple campuses and online.

The goal of E-Square Education is to produce self-motivated individuals who are ready to tackle the next phase of their lives, whether in education, the corporate world or as an entrepreneurs.

E-Square Education is already in partnership with Microsoft Imagine Academy which is enabling students to become computer literates, using cutting-edge technology relevant for this new tech era and ensuring they are both skills as well as job ready.

The founder and CEO of E-Square Education, Lili Niemann, was awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in South Africa at the 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Awards and among other numerous awards to her name. She is a celebrated and dedicated educational entrepreneur who has built her career on making quality learning accessible to all.

E-Square Education
Image source: – Lili Niemann

The deal of the agreement still retains Lili Niemann the CEO and she comments saying,

“I am thrilled that E-Square Education is going to be part of Genius Group, as our aims and vision for the future of education are perfectly aligned. Together we are a global provider of relevant, quality education to create entrepreneurs who are job creators, rather than seekers.”

Lili continues that, the move towards online learning was critical as the world faces the challenges of COVID-19, and both E-Square Education and Genius Group, she reiterated, are focused on making entrepreneurship education easily accessible.

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On his side, Roger James Hamilton, the CEO and Founder of Genius Group, believes that,

“Lili has done an amazing job in growing E-Square Education into an integrated pathway from early learning through primary, secondary and college level entrepreneur education.”

Africa, for Hamilton, is home to the fastest growing entrepreneur economies and they both are committed to growing the E-Square Education system together with Genius School and Genius Institute throughout Africa and the world.

This agreement we are told, is one of a succession of acquisitions totalling over US$ 80 million that Genius Group has undertaken since the COVID-19 crisis began in March 2020, as it grows its entrepreneurship education programmes and community globally.

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The Global Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge Calls for Applicants, Chance to Win €200K

Tommy Hilfiger announces launch its third annual global Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge, supporting entrepreneurial startup and scale-up stage companies developing solutions and making the fashion landscape more inclusive.

Its mission according Tommy Hilfiger, is creating a fashion that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All. The fashion frontier challenge will support entrepreneurs who are standing up for what they believe in and are committing to driving change in their communities.

The prizes for winners of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge aim at financing and providing knowledge to grow their business ideas.

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge
image cource: Tommy Hilger facebook

Launched in 2018, the third edition of the this fashion challenge endeavours to support black, indigenous and people of color entrepreneurs, especially those working to advance their communities and nurture a more inclusive future of fashion.

After the outdooring of the initiative Mr Tommy Hilger said that,

“I have been inspired by this talented group of social entrepreneurs whose innovations are making the fashion landscape more inclusive and sustainable.”

All interested fashion entrepreneurs are welcome to submit their applications which focus on creating an inclusive fashion value-chain.

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Successful applicants are going to be narrowed down to six finalists and invited to virtually develop their project plans with the assistance of dedicated Tommy Hilfiger and external subject matter experts. There will be coaching from an experienced pitch coach, and the finalists will pitch their final concept to a prestigious jury panel and associate audience at the worldwide Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge final event, slated for early 2022.

What does Tommy Hilfiger consider a startup and a scale-up?

The Startup: The business should be in its early stages, it’s yet to reach product-market fit, still experimenting with customer segmentation and working toward overall positive contribution margin but you are making some revenue.

The Scaleup: The company has a validated product with product-market fit with a clear and sustainable unit economics (outlook), and it is in a growth-mode. You must have made revenue for at least a year.

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge
Lewis Hamilton modeling a Tommy Hilfiger apparel. image cource: Tommy Hilger facebook

The process

  • After applying, successful applicants will be notified in June 2021 to progress to the second round of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge.
  • Once selected, participants provide additional information regarding their business enterprise, including a one-minute pitch video.
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Note: Applications should be in English and business pitch also in English.

Progressing further will be six (6) finalists who are invited to further develop their business or project plans during a digital Design Sprint with the support of a team of dedicated internal Tommy Hilfiger associates and external specialists in October 2021.

Each finalist will pitch their concept at the global Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge final event in early 2022, with a chance to win the prize package.

The Prize Package

  • Win up to €200,000 and a chance at an additional €15,000 prize for winning the “Audience Favorite Vote”
  • A year-long mentorship with Tommy Hilfiger’s internal experts globally and access to Tommy Hilfiger’s network brand association
  • A place on the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program (ISEP)
  • Year-long INSEAD mentorship

The Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge application closes at midnight of 8th March, 2021.


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