Education is Good But School is Outdated: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hate School

In our day when everybody loves school, and really will do all they can to have degrees, what do you think about a boy (me) who claims to hate school? What could be the reason for my hatred for school? Give me some minutes. I will explain. But before then, it will be good to let you know that I was one of the best students to ever attend school.

All my Senior Secondary School I was the best student in Economics, Accounting, Government and Commerce, while I maintained significant positions in other subjects. Many people believe that I was a genius, but I ended up becoming an ‘enemy’ of school. There must be some reasons for that.

In this piece, I am going to discuss with you some ugly things about school (which is the reason for massive unemployment and poverty) and I will tell you what you must do to overcome the effects of the harm school has wrought on you.

1. I hate school because school brainwashed us to love job.

I know this is not the best place to start, but because this is the most armful evil school did to all of us, allow me to start here. If you have being reading my articles for a long time, you might have perceived that this is the prime reason why I hate school.

To me, it is stupid for us to keep on training our youths that the best way to live is to be an employee. Why there is nothing evil about being an employee, (I said nothing evil, but there is something bad, you know) we cannot just maintain our continent and economy when all of us think of job as a way of life.

In my humble opinion, so many people in Africa today are capable of being successful business owners, but they were never enlightened. So many Africans are smarter and brilliant than Dangote, but you see, we are the victims of our early influence. This is what I mean, every child is like a plain sheet of paper.

A sheet of paper is plain … until someone writes on it.

Sometimes, you may write with an erasable substance (like a pencil) and some other times you may write with a permanent ink (like a blue pen). You can decide to write good things or bad.

As little children, what was written on our ‘paper’ was good job will make you rich and comfortable. Who wrote this lie on our ‘paper’? Ans. Mrs. School.

The first time I started hearing about ‘good job,’ I think was when I was in Junior Secondary School. By the time I was in Senior Secondary School One, I had started dreaming of becoming an employee… an Engineer.

Why? Because of what my teachers were teaching me. No wonder why Bertrand Russell said, ‘men were born ignorant, not stupid; they were made stupid by education.’

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If you were like an average African, you spent the next 8-10 years (from Senior Secondary School One) to listen to teachers and lecturers teaching you how to be a good employee. How on earth do you expect a child in such pathetic learning environment to ever think of being a business owner?

What school wrote on our plain sheet of paper was ‘good job.’ If ‘she’ (school) had written something else (i.e. owning a business), we would have had a better continent … a continent filled with many successful entrepreneurs.

2. I hate school because it deceives us to think that certificate is education.

I cannot stop being angry when I see people who are very proud of their decorated paper (called certificate). There are so many people out there who are dumb and deaf (I mean they are ignorant), yet they will tell you, “Don’t you know who you are talking to?”, “Don’t you know I am a B.Sc holder?”

In our world today, certificate equals education. What is my opinion about this? It is stupid!

Certificate, in its real sense, is a paper. I don’t know those white-headed octogenarians who invented the idea of certificate but I know they cannot be really smart. How can we judge a man by the paper he holds? Certificate is not education, but because that is what school gives, people are proud of it. The real education is in your head.

3. I hate school because school makes us to believe that learning is all about cramming, reciting and writing those junks back to the teachers.

I disagree. Learning has nothing to do with cramming stuff or memorizing useless junks. In fact, the real learning has little to do with reading books. I know this may surprise you, so let me explain.

Before I got into the real world of business, I had read around 200 books about business, leadership, human relationship and some other good titles which would help me later to be a successful business man (though I still buy and read more books). I have also read so many newspaper and internet business related articles and listened to business talks on T.V.

Would I have thought I had learned so much about business? Yeah!, I did. In fact, I was proud I had learned so much that I moved out into the business world almost without money. This is what happened. I learned in my 200 days of practical business ups and down than I ever learned in the previous years of reading business books and articles.

When school taught us to cram formulas, facts and figures that was dumb. But, some people will argue, you really don’t need to cram in school, you just read understand. Is that true? With your experience in school, was is so? Okay, permit me to ask you, how many of those things you ‘read and understood’ do you still remember now?

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Even the so call ‘read and understand’ is not real learning (just as I have proofed above). Reading only takes 30% of learning. What about the remaining 70%? Yes. Doing is the real teacher.

Let me explain. You can go ahead and buy a 500 pages book about driving, sit down for one week and read, you will still not become a driver, until you sit before a steering. You can visit the nearby book store and buy three books about computer, you will still not know how to operate a keyboard … until you sit down with a computer.

Now get my point. School really did not teach us anything worthwhile because her style (cramming and reading) is a wrong style of learning. How best can you learn anything you want to? Through doing. Do I mean you don’t need to read? No. I mean, reading takes only 30% of the learning you need.

Doing is what will actually teach you many things, either as an entrepreneur, a scientist or a sport enthusiast. Can you learn how to be a soccer start by reading soccer books (alone)? Then, why is school 90% about cramming and reading?

4. I hate school because school taught us there is ‘Only One Way to The Market.’

I remember those days when some of us who are stubborn would have two or more textbooks for a single subject. I remember how some of us would know what even our teachers and lecturers didn’t know, yet we would be afraid of scoring zero by writing a different formula or idea from what our teachers have taught us. In the world of school, only one way gets to the market.

What your teacher taught you is what you must write back to her… or you face the consequence of your disobedience. That was the reason someone like Thomas Edison was considered unteachable by the school teachers. Did you ever consider the effect of this in our lives? It killed our creativity.

We grew up believing there is only one way to everything, one correct opinion to every discussion. We have been conditioned to flow with normality and trends. We have been brainwashed to accept status-quo. We were never trained to think “how else can this be done?”

Do you know the negative effect of this? We (especially in Africa) are not creators (because we are not creative). We are not inventors, either of products or of business ideas.

If you take your time to study the lives of great entrepreneurs from Rockefeller to Larry Page to Dangote, you will discover that they are creators. The only way to be a creator is to think different from the crowd. How can we do this when we have been trained by school that there is always one solution to any problem?

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5. I hate school because we were forced to learn.

Learning is nothing but an interesting exploits into the unknown world. How do you feel whenever you are traveling to an unknown city? You are excited. You can’t wait to see those new scenes and people. Now, how did you feel whenever the thought of school came to your mind as a school child?

Hell, you hate to be in school. I think that was the reason why Wooden Allen said, “I loathed every day and regret every moment I spent in a school.”

You cannot tell your teacher you are tired. You must endure her punishment. Well, that was the reason why we never learn in school. Learning should be a pleasure, school makes it a pain. Who doesn’t really hate school?

Plato had said this thousands of years ago, “knowledge that is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.”

6. I hate school because life is short.

At a time in my high school, I wrote something above my classroom wall. It read ‘another day has gone.’ To me, it was a call to run. It was a call to be in a hurry. It was a call to remind me that life goes so fast.

An average man/woman spends 18 years in the classrooms and another 3-6 years waiting for results, searching for admission, serving his father’s land after school, etc. How can we justify this waste if at the end of the day these people still ended up as employees … with another punishment of job?

Worse still, how can we justify this waste if millions of our people are unemployed after school?

7. I hate school because everybody loves school.

Even as at the time of writing this, school is still a god for many people. Even as millions of Africans are getting out of the universities and joining their unemployed brothers, universities are still busy teaching its victims about how to get ‘good job.’

Isn’t that crazy? Even as certificate is obviously useless without a brain behind it, I still see people running around to get many of it. What did I hope to achieve when I started writing this article? I want to inspire you to see education as your personal responsibility, not what you learn in an organized institution like school.

Right in your room is the best university in the world. You want to learn anything? Visit library. Search google. Travel. Call a friend who knows it.

Do. Practice. Practice.

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  1. I am an aspiring entrepreneur in high school right now. I have been working really hard to start my first business. It is really hard for me to succeed because my school wants me to get a job. My parents want me to get a certificate. I feel like all of the people around me do not want me to succeed. I am distracted from school because I want to make the most of my future as soon as possible. I see starting a business as my next step. It means a lot to me that someone else shares many of the values that I have.

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