6 Excuses Holding You From Starting Your Business Idea

Excuses for not taking action abound. Some people won’t and don’t enjoy their employment. The simple reason is that the job may be paying for the rent, the car and the dresses or clothes etc. but your soul is not into it – if it were, you wouldn’t need to drag yourself to it or call in sick for no real authentic reason.

Well, I think it’s about time we have that little chat about that idea you have always had on your mind, right? Yes, the one you’ve tried so hard to find all the excuses for not starting. Hey! The good news is all your excuses have run out now. Haven’t they?

Here are some all too common excuses people pile up that prevent them from starting out their ideas.

1. I don’t have the time or space.

I see! Well you see, nobody has the time – but it is possible to make the time. Many of the huge companies of repute we know started from lunch break inputs or a few hours after work. How about those 3 extra hours a day you can squeeze out of your sleep, TV, gossiping, Facebooking, WhatsApping, etc? It all adds up you know? And who says you need an office? You have a veranda or living room or kitchen to work in and that’s enough.

Go ask Bill Gates of Microsoft, he worked in a garage where a car was already parked. So think about what space he actually had to turn an idea into a billion dollar a year empire. Sit under a tree even if you can’t find a space or better still, sit at work after work and use the time you would have spent in traffic wisely. Am just saying!

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2. I haven’t done this before.

And who says you should have done it before? You think God made a mistake by overlooking 7.3 billion people in the world, to drop an idea in your mind? Or are you saying He doesn’t know what He is about? Am just asking, because it seems that’s what you are saying! See, the fact that you haven’t done it before means you even approach it with more creativity. If you know too much, chances are you will ask too many questions that will kill the idea before you even start.

3. “They” say this idea won’t work.

Yeah! ‘They’ are very right – it won’t work for ‘Them.’ That’s because it’s not their idea. Yeah ‘they’ are right – it won’t work for them; because an idea, simply sitting in your brain, doesn’t work for everybody to see until you make it happen. So when ‘they’ say it won’t work, ‘they’ are not saying it’s not a good idea, “they” are only saying “Please hurry up and bring it to life” – ‘they’ simply have a problem with their choice of words that’s all.

4. I don’t have the technical expertise.

Well, Henry Ford who founded Ford Motor Company and worth $199 Billion as at 2013 knew nothing about cars. That’s why you were given an idea, not an employment contract to be the sole employee on the idea. Gather as much information as you can about the industry in which your idea will sell, learn about similar products, then hire people to work on bits and parts of the idea one at a time.

Try registering free on www.fiverr.com or www.peopleperhour.com – there are millions of freelancers out there who can work for you remotely, at about ONLY 5% of the cost you would have incurred to employ them full time. Yes! You heard me. They can build apps, make video advertisements for you, design complex products or packaging, etc – pretty much anything you want done and if you want something manufactured, try www.alibaba.com. You see, your problem is that you think the whole world is in your country – get out of your box I beg!

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5. What if I fail?

And who told you failing is an evil thing? Of course you will fail in some areas or on the whole project, but if you learn a lesson from it, it doesn’t make it failure anymore – it’s now ‘experience’ – it moves you to the next phase as a better person. And besides do you recognize that if you are afraid of failing, you have automatically also feared ‘winning?’

Oh and here’s my piece of advice – Read a book on successful people in the area of your idea who have gone ahead of you. They may just show you the big areas not to fail in, otherwise, it would be foolish to fail where others have failed and written freely on. Am just saying! Failure is not failure – it really is just another name for classroom.

6. You know I don’t have the money.

Yes I do! I also know, if you are mindful about getting all the money at once before you start, then you will never start. How about saving money monthly and working in bits? Working in bits even ensures that you focus your energies on small digestible components of your idea at a time. How about saving some money by delaying the buying of that new car, handbag, holiday, designer shoe or suit – you know if your idea becomes a big hit, you can buy as many of these things as you wish, right?

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How about talking to that family member who has the money under their pillow but not the idea to leverage their money with? Or are you so greedy, you want to keep all the profits and are happy for the idea to die, rather than share your profits from its manifestation? If by all means you have an excellent idea and need the bulk funds, then talk to a bank or even my finance guru friend Evron R. Hughes – just remember he is a Black Jew, so you’ve gotta be dead serious before to go see him.

So, now that I have helped you exhaust all your excuses – Tell us: why won’t you start working this year, on that business or social idea you have had for as old as you were born. Tell us now!

In this year – make a mark on the world. The world is big enough. Make your mark on it. Or like we say in Ghana, DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU DIE!!! Kill your excuses.

entrepreneur Author: Marricke Kofi Gane, a Ghanaian Certified Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and an International Development Specialist. He is also a published author and a technology and economics enthusiast. A well renowned public speaker, he is well noted for deep insights into future business trends and challenging the status quo of Africa’s politics.

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