Forhey Enables Convenience in Arduous Unproductive Tasks via Tech

In an era where the working class of society is on the rise in many African cities, one of the home tasks that appears tedious is doing the laundry. It is this gap and stress Forhey an on-demand laundry services is filling in Accra-Ghana.

The Spirited Hub got the chance to meet up with the C.E.O. of this startup who sheds more light on their operation.

Daily chores can be tiresome and time consuming which reduces a person’s productive time significantly in times when 24 hours in a day are not enough. One such arduous task is doing your laundry. Forhey has worked its way around the whole laundry business taking it online and wooing its customers with efficient, convenient, and affordable service just by a tab of a button on a mobile phone.

Forhey, the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, vows to take the woe out of washing by delivering a fresh service to the Ghanaian consumers’ doors. In times when you can shop, order food, entertainment and even bank online with a click of a button. Forhey offers customers a full dry cleaning and laundry service with a tab of a button without the need of leaving your sofa. The whole service takes the stress out of washing at an affordable price. The service launched in January 2015 is already operating in several locations with the city with a view for further expansion in the coming months.

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The company was founded by Accra-based entrepreneurs Kelldick Bakorkor and Nayram Mensah with expertise in the software, and logistics & distribution sectors. “Forhey is bringing a completely new on-demand service to the existing laundry market – we offer high quality, state-of-the-art services through our handpicked, trusted partners and unrivaled customer service,” said Kelldick, co-founder. “Forhey is at the heart of the emerging mobile on-demand ecosystem. We are committed to changing the landscape of logistics and on-demand technology in Ghana by offering a streamlined way to give people back time in their day by eliminating the need to do annoying chores.”

Forhey Model

As soon as someone “Schedule a Wash“, from their mobile app or on the website, they assign one of their trained friendly “Heygirls” to pick up your clothes for cleaning, and within 24 hours clothes are delivered in reusable bags, washed and ironed. Their pricing is indeed affordable considering the superior customer service, packaging, and the convenience you get. Your clothes come back literally as though you just bought them new. They are currently giving GHC20 off on your first order using the app ( or website ( with the code FH15.

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The Road So Far

The company has a good traction till now and majority of the customers are busy and overtired parents, students, the growing expat community, and time-strapped professionals who are busy with their lives and care a great deal about their clothes. The startup revealing statistics said that their recurring customers includes up to 25% of people who never outsourced their clothes because either they had a maid or washing machine at home but tried Forhey and are satisfied with the service especially in the current national power crisis.

Our Take

In times when ecommerce is gaining traction, there was a void in consumer services as they weren’t provided online. Forhey aims to change this scenario and make laundry and other verticals as easy as just a tab of a button on your phone. The concept is appealing to those who want to spent time in their functional areas doing what is really important instead of spending that time doing laundry.

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