Giving: Increase Your Income with One of the Oldest Rules

Many entrepreneurs are over territorial about their contacts and resources. When someone asks for advice, do not hold back by not giving unless it is your secret sauce. Selfishness will not get you very far.

A good leader has a succession plan, but we find that in many organizations, one person hoards all of his ideas and so replacing him becomes a problem after he leaves. Many entrepreneurs cannot take a vacation because they cannot trust anyone else to handle operations when they are gone. This is a sad way to do business. Give all you can. You will sleep better. No one really knows how giving and receiving works but for example, I have found tithing to be more consistently rewarding than any stock I have ever purchased.

A testimony

A few years ago, I decided to help pay school fees for some children in the Anunmle community near Achimota, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. On one occasion, I had received some extra money from a freelance job and was planning on using a portion of it for jollof rice and cooked lamb at this fancy restaurant a friend had been raving about. The next day, I was told some kids needed money for their fees so I just sent the money. Within 72 hours, I received more freelance work worth at least twenty times the money I gave to pay for the school fees. 20 times whatever amount you can imagine I got paid!

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Poverty does not help anyone. Businesses should be profitable so the money can help others and finance the Kingdom. There are endless testimonies like this.

Try it. Giving just works wonders!

Continuous success and victory in business and life comes from being sold out to God. Prosperity comes from having a heart for God and his interests. Matthew 6:33 will make every man wealthy. Read the stories of men like Mover Of Men & Mountains, – R.G Letorneau and Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller Snr. John Rockefeller. These men had a heart for God that made them rule their industries. Rockefeller was an addicted tither. It is no mistake that John D. Rockefeller is said to be the wealthiest man in modern history.

How come it worked for me?

1. Let your giving be a privilege to you, and then it will become a delight.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others so do not abuse this. What many do not realize is that when you give to a man, you have activated a spiritual law that requires some form of reciprocation. You are not to use this to control people even though there is a test you can use to prove this point. This may sound manipulative but try it next time you are with someone you do not know too well.

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Start talking about personal issues that have to do with your family, emotions and finances. Don’t get too personal. This is just a test. After a while, ask this person a personal question. Very few people will find it difficult to resist since they feel obligated to share something with you after you have dished out so much.

2. Giving without working will yield no results.

Bear in mind that I usually work an average of 12 hours a day so I was not a lazy idle bum at the time of the aforementioned story. Diligence and giving are the power twins of prosperity. God blesses the work of our hands so keep your hands busy at the right task and the rewards will come flowing in.

Another reason giving works so well for some is because our intent is not just to receive. In addition to this, what you say after you give matters a lot. You can’t be whining about how bad the economy is or how your are broke and still expect to see good things happen in your life. The laws of the spirit do not work in the favor of those who say the wrong things.


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Remember to look out for opportunities to be a blessing to someone. Success in life comes to those who give their best to others.

Do you have any testimonies that came from giving to someone?

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