Global PR Trends Summit Accra. Feb. 18 – 19

The Instant Cure To Creative Burnout

International public relations experts from Lego, SAP, P&G, Citi and Boehringer Ingelheim are scheduled to present at the Global PR Trends Summit Accra, Africa’s leading PR event, taking place from 18-19, 2016 February at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.

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“After the phenomenal success in 18 different countries, we are glad to confirm that the Global PR Summit is finally coming to Africa, from 18-19 February in Accra. The Global PR Trends Summit Accra is all about building a creative community that will provide PR professionals with support, value and opportunity to make things happen. Our African colleagues will have the unique opportunity to spend two days surrounded by some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world — the instant cure to a creative burnout”, says in his statement, Kosta Petrov, P World’s CEO and organizer of the Global PR Summit Accra.

The two day international gathering kicks off with a presentation by Elaine Sam from IPR Ghana on the current trends and challenges in the West African PR industry. The Global PR Trends Summit Accra also includes presentations on social media and PR by Lego, Cisco, P&G and SAP, nation branding by Visit Britain, as well as presentations on CSR by Citi and Boehringer Ingelheim and reputation management by Colleen Harris, Former Press Secretary to Princes Charles William and Harry.

Colleen Harris

Colleen Harris: Former Press Secretary to Princes Charles William and Harry.

Lars Silberbauer

Lars Silberbauer: Global Head of Social Media, Lego.

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With annual shows in 18 different countries and over 6,000 PR professionals in attendance, the Global PR Trends Summit is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing PR events. The event is organized by P World in Exclusive Partnership with Brand Communications and IPR Ghana, PR Cann from Nigeria and PRAU from Uganda as the event’s supporters.

For more information about the Global PR Trends Summit Accra please visit the event’s official website:

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