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Think about the world before the internet and try to imagine marketing and advertising of the that time, where it was just TV, radio and print media, being the only means of communication for businesses to market their brands, oh and probably the annoying direct marketers we see in the streets almost every day trying to sell us insurance policies.

Can you imagine your business’s growth potential in those days if you were not well financed and trying to grow a big brand? Now think back a bit further before TV and radio, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”. Okay no need to imagine too deep, for you understand that growth opportunities were not so much in abundance as they are today.

Those were the times when the big brands we see today laid their foundations in building their brands, those of which were able to keep up with the worlds evolution survived and are still thriving. Those that did not, on the other hand, fell and maybe too hard that some of the very big brands our parents and grandparents talk about sound just a bit too prehistoric to us.

Times have changed drastically and with the introduction of the internet, the evolution of human behavior is rapidly changing, we are becoming robots. Okay maybe not entirely but can anyone argue we might have robots like people in the near future? Technology has made nothing seem impossible, we can now download food from the internet so to speak (online shopping! That’s what I mean). So let’s talk digital marketing and in this thread let’s focus on social media marketing with Facebook being topic of the day. We all know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites in the world and so I should not talk about numbers (I will soon though if necessary).

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You at some point have seen a post or photo from a Facebook page you don’t even follow, or maybe a page appearing on your news feed with “Sponsored” at the bottom. One client of mine asked me a question that almost made me burst out of laughter; he asked “what makes these ones so special that they have to get sponsorship from Facebook?.” It was not until I explained to him what that sponsored meant that he understood. This is what I will be talking about.

Facebook Advertising

I will repeat the words of Jayson Demers before going any further, “the execution of your campaign matters – significantly but if you haven’t set yourself up with the proper research and foundation, your campaign’s potential will be crippled.” It goes without saying, just because it’s social media doesn’t mean there’s no need for proper planning. In fact, I highly recommend you have a solid and flexible strategy before diving right in. Think about the Groupon Banana Bunkers campaign, if you look closely without going in too deep, you can tell that it was deliberate with the release of a dildo like product (sex object), the comments to follow were quite obvious. But what made the product trend so much was the comment reply by whoever was on duty that time and they were on a roll. Just Google “Groupon Banana Bunkers” you’ll see what I mean.

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So let’s get right to it and talk about Facebook advertising for your campaign. Now, you have your perfect content and strategy at hand and you want to have your own sponsored posts to grow your page fans, brand awareness or to drive sales. What you want to do is “boost posts” or boost call button, or boost page, the choice is really yours depending on your brand goals. Before we go any further, it is very important to understand that even if you reach thousands of people a day it does not mean you can move  on too quickly to selling to your audience when your brand has not built a solid  brand recognition and customer trust.

So what steps do you take? It’s very simple, first identify your target market.

  1. With Facebook, you can target preferred audience by age, location, interests or connections. Choose your targeted audience first.
  2. Click on “boost” and here you will see you can set your own budget and number days. The best way to see if this will work effectively is to first choose a lower budget and number of days. You do this to observe if the targeted audience is engaged with the content uploaded.
  3. Use your insights; look at the engagement, number of clicks on the advertisement, look at things such as who is clicking the most or engaged the most.
  4. What you want to check is the age groups, gender and location of those who are mostly engaged. This will show you who you can remarket to and if it is worth boosting the add some more. Remember, practice patience when doing this. Many people will only buy your product or service after seeing it three or more times.
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When you finally have a formula that works for your brand keep doing it, patiently and remember, as much as you are running a business, social media is really just a place to past time or to catch up with friends and family users haven’t seen in a long while. Never forget the “social” part of it, so try not boring your audience by over-selling to them, always provide some sort of value that aligns with your brand. It could be humor, spirituality, educational, etc. just never over-sell without providing value.

Also, notice that I said nothing about “reach” and that is because engagement kicks reach ass 10 to 1. So if possible respond to every comment and every inbox, you don’t have to do it immediately but you have to do it, it is social media after all.

So you have some insight on what to do on Facebook advertising now, you can go ahead and thrive and grow your business. If this works for you connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram tell me about it, or ask me anything that can help you grow your brand and eventually your profits. #GrowthIsInevitable and good luck!

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