Hill Bill Shoes – Inspired by 3 Qualities Men Expect in Footwear

Over the years, fashion has evolved and shoes have been essential part of it. We all have various reasons why we pamper our feet with shoes; to some, just for the love of shoes and to others, shoes compliment the way they dress. This company, Hill Bill Shoes, identifies the three qualities men want in shoes, which is what it has set out to achieve.


Name: Bright Aferi
Email: brightaferi@gmail.com
School & Course of Study: University of Ghana; Bsc. Chemistry
Year/Level: 400
Business Name: Hill Bill Shoes
Contact Number: 0243492703

Kindly tell us what your campus business is about?

Hill Bill Shoes is proudly a Ghanaian based shoe company which manufactures shoes primarily for men.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

The idea was borne out of the desire to find a solution to my own problem. I realized there were hardly shoes out there that were beautiful, durable and affordable at the same time. These are the three things I look out for before buying a pair of shoes. The question I asked myself was, “why not engage our local craftsmen to help curb this issue.” That was the beginning of Hill Bill.

Hill Bill Shoes

Hill Bill Shoes

Hill Bill Shoes

Hill Bill Shoes


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Which gap did you see and intend to bridge with your business?

I want people to have access to shoes that are good-looking, durable and affordable at the same time.

Does your campus inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in students?

Currently, there has been an improvement in that respect especially with The University of Ghana Counselling and Placement Center, playing a major role in organizing entrepreneurial programs periodically and also giving opportunity to students to have access to funds for their ideas and businesses.

How do you manage to combine both academic work and business so you are not adversely affected?

It’s a challenge being in business and having academic duties at the same time. However, I usually plan my activities two or three days ahead so I don’t get caught off guard.

How did you determine there was market for your type of business?

I think every business has the capability to create their own customer base. That was literally what I did to get my products out there. Besides, everyone wears shoes.

How did you manage to raise your startup capital?

Initial capital were contributions from my family, my partner- Michael Opoku Kyei and my personal savings.

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What is your business model and how do you make money?

Hill Bill Shoes does 90% of it’s sales online-social media, online marketing platforms, etc. The company is into both wholesaling and retailing. We practically make our money from selling shoes.

What challenges do you come across and how are you handling them?

There is the challenge of production capacity and so we are not able to meet all our demand. However, we are working on getting a good space to maximize production. There is also the challenge of getting access to the needed raw materials for production.

Hill Bill Soes

Hill Bill Shoes

Hill Bill Shoes

Hill Bill Shoes


Do you intend to continue with the business upon completing school?

Sure. I intend to make Hill Bill become the biggest shoe company in Ghana in the next three years and eventually become a global brand.

How did your colleagues and family respond to your new venture?

Well, some of my colleagues were glad about the fact that I have started something on my own. To some, it was a bit hard to tell what their response really was. My family however, were thrilled about the fact that I am doing something for myself.

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What do you consider your most significant achievement so far as a Campus CEO?

Respect and recognition. People I believe did not think this would ever be possible for me now see me and just accord me that respect. That really excites me and as a matter of fact, urges me to do more.

What message do you have for colleague students who want to start their own businesses?

Just start, whatever idea you have, just put it to work. This does not only make people start taking you serious but also create opportunities for you to get investment for your business. I will also like to say that we should be positive minded and focus on the success of the business rather than failure. There is a saying that “everything you want is at the other side of fear”


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