How to be Decades Ahead of Your Competitors

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If you could move at the speed of light, every time you get to 186000 per second you would be a light year ahead of where you started. If your constant rate of speed in life was at that speed, you would probably be able to read all the books in the library of congress (all 100 and something millions of them) in less than 24 hours.

Tests have been done where objects were sped up past the light barrier. What happened was that the human eye could not see them anymore. The human hand could not feel them either. When these objects were slowed back down, they were suddenly visible to the senses.

What if you could speed up your results in business? What if you could cut short the time to get things done by years and not just minutes or hours?

I’ll get back to that in a minute. Here is an interesting quote:

“He would place this urgency that he expected the revenue in ten years to be ten million dollars a day and that everyday, we were slower to achieve our goals was a day of missing out on that money.” – Elon Musk

According to a book, Elon Musk said this in the early stages of founding Tesla. What interests me is that most entrepreneurs I know do not aim for ten million dollars a day when they start a business.They usually start as low as possible and only increase their vision incrementally depending on what the world tells them is a realistic goal.

I personally don’t care about being realistic. It is usually said by people who want an excuse to be mediocre. I’d rather set an outrageous goal and draw up a plan to achieve it than be realistic. The thing about outrageous goals is that what seems high to some is little to others. The things you are praying about are things others are giving away as gifts.

I was giving a talk to some freshly minted college graduates and I told them, “The only difference between your 15 year old self and your 22 year old self is that your mind is more developed. Your height is not what defines your growth. Your real growth happened internally. Your understanding and judgment have developed.

This means if your 15 year old self had the same understanding as you do now, you would have been at least 7 years ahead of all your classmates. Would you like to be at least a decade ahead of all your mates. Would you like to see the end result of an action before you even take it?

I share with you how to be at least a decade ahead of your competitors.

First the foundation.

I want you to keep this statement in your mind. “A man can only go as far as he can see with his eyes closed.’ The education of men is based on the five senses. Everything we have been taught in school or read about come by deduction.

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Mankind is limited to the five senses so it has been our quest to amplify these senses. We invented binoculars to help us amplify our sight. Microphones to amplify speech. Vehicles to get our bodies to move faster and to get to places quicker.

Anything that a man cannot see, touch or feel with his senses does not exist to him. What a man does not understand, he says does not exist. The thing about understanding is that it can be defined as the clarity of our mental images. This is why when you understand what someone is saying you may say “Oh I see, I see.”

Ephesians 1:17-19, explains that every human being is operating in darkness (ignorance) to a certain degree. For example, I am more in the dark about how to coordinate outfits and keep a home than my wife is. However, when it comes to things concerning how to increase sales and grow profits, I have more light on the issue than she does.

Think of your mind like an empty stadium at night with no lights on. Whenever you understand something, a floodlight comes on so you are able to walk around the stadium a little. The greater your understanding on a topic, the more floodlights come on in this mental stadium, so you are able to see and go further than you did before.

The level of doubt you have in an area is the level of darkness you are operating in.

The problem most humans face is that their acquisition of light is too slow. If they had a way to move from zero to 100 percent illumination on a topic in a day, they would gladly pay for it.

Take money as an example. The amount you believe will come into your business this year is the limit your mind will try to achieve. If however I came to you today and gave you a million dollar check to be my partner on a deal, you would realize that your previous mental limit would just disappear. If Mark Zuckerberg then came and gave you 10% of his Facebook stock worth billions, your limit was change again. Let’s take this a step further.

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If Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Elon Musk were your partners in a venture, I bet that you would confidently be able to tell people that you are only a few weeks or months away from making your first billion dollars. Why did those words seem so easy to believe?

What I just showed you were images that you can understand. The minute you read that, you saw a clear picture of a successful partnership. I’ll bet that you even felt a momentary gush of confidence. I just took you light years ahead of everyone you know with just a few words.

The secret to moving light years ahead of everyone else is illumination.

Illumination can be defined as development, speed or light energy. When God was creating the world, He said “Light Be!.” He put light (illumination, development) and bottled it up into words and released them into this world. Scientists say the universe is still expanding at the speed faster than the speed of light). God said it once and the development has never stopped.

Jesus used this principle at a wedding when he caused water to turn into wine. He disregarded the time it takes for grapes to ferment and produce wine. He used his words to bring a future result backward with light. Whenever you see a miracle or an answer to prayer that you can’t explain, you most likely saw a variation of this law at work.

Kenneth E. Hagin got an understanding of this and started saying the life of God in him was developing his mind and intelligence. In a few days, he could read an entire chapter of a history book and recite it verbatim. At the age of 80, he could remember specific dates and times of occurrences from his teenage years without memorization.

How does this apply to your business?

Whenever you understand the principles of a topic thoroughly, you receive illumination or development in that area. At this point you are not guessing. You know how to get the results you want regardless of what others say. The area you have the most light on is the area you will excel at the most if you are willing to apply it.

I stumbled upon this truth and started listening to and reading people who had results in the areas that I desired. Unknowingly, I moved light years ahead of my present condition and could believe things most people could not. All I did was to understand and speak the revelation I received. Even in my personal life, getting light on healing changed everything for me. I have used this to simply touch people and they have received healing for their diseased bodies.

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This is important, I did not just get knowledge. I went for revelation. I went for understanding. This is where most entrepreneurs miss it. They need help with sales so they attend one conference or read one sales book and all they get is incremental growth.

They did not seek illumination.

How do you know if you have light in a certain area?

The results you seek will be as clear to you as day. No matter what you see on the outside, you cannot disbelieve the answers you have on your insides.

The major way to get illumination is the Bible. The light in this book is spiritual not mental that is why so many people don’t know how to use it in their personal lives no matter how many times they read it. They think it is a supplementary book to their business books, so their minds are darkened to it. My advice is to ask God to open up the Bible to you. Secondly, seek out people who have written anointed books on topics you need development in.

Second way to get quick development is to pick topics you need results in and make a list of books and videos(or content in general) that will give you the understanding you desire. The best books are books by people who already have results because that is proof of their light. You can also read books by authors who have done thorough research and have only presented the facts since their opinions may set you back.


Before I understood this simple truth I only got results incrementally. Today, I can personally engineer growth in any area that is important to me. I know that immediately the light comes, the results will follow. I found out that the most successful people have a unique understanding in areas their competitors do not. They are operating with first principles and not tactics.

The next time you see a successful person reading a book, understand that they are not accumulating words, what they are doing is imbibing speed. They are speeding up their lives, one page at a time.

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