How to do Real Life Product Placement On TV, Social Media and Music

Very few of people outside the United States have seen even a quarter of the ads in the States. This makes it even more impressive that you can find so many brand evangelists and fans outside the States. Do not underestimate the power of product placement marketing through movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and other media that can be shared with the click of a mouse.

Product placement is very effective because it shows potential customers how to fit your products into their daily lives. Show users how they can share your products with family, match it with their sneakers, and display it in their living rooms and so on. Proper product placement in the lives of popular people can also make your brand more visible. Many brands have seen great success by giving the coolest kids on campus free products.

Note that it is not enough to give your product to a celebrity or famous person unless a lot of your target will get to see it. A lot of brands give out free samples to celebrities who have little or no web or press presence. Consider using celebrities or brand evangelists as walking billboards.

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We have seen brand ambassadors with no social media account and yet the target is a group who do not read newspapers or magazines. If your target is spending four hours on YouTube, everyday then a magazine ad may not be the best.

KELLOGG Marketing Case Study

Another brilliant idea that employs the product placement in real life idea was executed in Sweden by Kellogg. A store offered a free box of Special K to customers who would take a photo and tag it with #nyaspecialk (Swedish for ‘new Special K’. All the customer had to do was show the cashier the pic and they would get a free box. The marketing director at Kellogg, mentioned that the Instagram app is more popular in Sweden than Twitter so it only made sense to use Instagram.

The brilliance in this campaign is that Kellogg got access to show the customer’s friends what brand of cereal they preferred. Kellogg could have done this with a million dollar advertising budget as well but they realised it was a cheaper and more remarkable way to generate brand awareness.

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I would like to mention that campaigns like these may not yield immediate results but with consistency, the payout can be huge. Take car companies for example. They know if they advertise consistently enough, a ten year old who has seen the ads all his life will consider buying car brand X when he or she is 30.

Another thing to remember about advertising is that, it should be measurable now or later.

For TV, it may look attractive for most brands but many do not know how to measure the results they get from TV ads. Many more do not know if they got any results from their television campaigns. The lesson here is not to just buy ad space because you can brag to your friends and competitors that you are in this month’s issue of Forbes. Bragging rights should be birthed from results.

If you have a friend who is a musician, try to get him to put your brand name in one of his songs.

People will pay more for established brands because they presume the company’s brand name has more to lose if it screws up than they do. Hardly anyone compares the specifications of five different television sets when they can just pick from the top three market leaders. When you are hungry, you will buy from certain restaurants not because they are the best but because they are the most unlikely to be bad.
Any other product placement tips we have not covered?

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