How to Get A Meeting with A CEO Without an Appointment

We needed to speak with the CEO of a bank. We did not even know his/her name or even if the CEO was male or female. Not a very responsible thing to do I admit. We still went ahead anyway.

The receptionist asks for my name and what business I was coming from and then shows me which floor to go to. I think it was the 6th or maybe the 7th. Another receptionist, how many of them are in this building? She also asks the same questions and asks us to wait in the lobby while she contacts the CEO’s personal assistant. We wait long enough for me to notice the fish in the aquarium are fake.

I digress.

Ten or so minutes go by and we are told we can go through the door on the right. The PA meets us and asks to see our presentation since in her words “We don’t do this here”, “the CEO says he does not know who you are.” I reply by saying, it’s only going to take 5 minutes of his time and that the presentation is on the iPad. She looks at the iPad, looks at us, looks back at the iPad and asks us to follow her while she mutters softly “we don’t usually do this but please come along.” We are ushered into one of the most well designed offices I have been to. It takes forever to get from the door to the CEO’s desk.

Ten minutes later we are laughing in the elevator and thanking God for the opportunity and boldness.

This has become our process for meeting CEO’s. It’s easier to ask for an introduction from someone I know who works at corporation A or B but isn’t it more fun to use faith?

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In some cases the receptionist may ask if you have an appointment. I usually respond “he will see me. Tell him who this is.” I think this gives them the impression that I am someone important and they are right in thinking so. A CEO title should not intimidate you since that person is flesh and blood just like you. If this method does not work, you can try another. Just remember to keep trying.

If you think this will not work for you then don’t even try it because what you believe will work for you.

Do you have any other unconventional methods of getting meetings with clients? Let me know how this works out for you.

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