Identity Theft: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself Online

Identity theft: When one’s personal information is stolen and used by an impostor to gain an advantage.

Here are eight (8) ways you can protect yourself online.

1. Don’t share your passwords and change your passwords very often.

2. Avoid visiting fake sites, pornographic sites and be warned about Phishing sites.

3. Don’t share any private information that you wouldn’t want remembered later.

4. Always verify and buy from trusted and secure sites.

Picture1 identity theft

5. Monitor your  brand name online, use tools like Google Alerts.

6. Don’t share your credit card details, SSN with anyone.

7. Browse safely, clear your browser history/cache. Consider browsing using VPN or OpenDNS.

8. Check your privacy settings on all your social media pages to enable maximum security.

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