Ifepariola Mary: We Raised Startup Capital from Our Feeding Allowances

As someone who describes herself as a business oriented lady, Ifepariola is actually on the path to living her dream. She is fully immersed in an online networking business which enables her make extra money, have fun and also travel around the world and this has provided the financial backbone for her campus business, where she relates that, “After school, my plan is to go into either the catering or fashion industry.”

She co-foundered her campus business with her twin and they are becoming good in spotting an opportunity when it avails itself.


Name: Ifepariola Mary
Email: ifemary1997@gmail.com
School & Course of Study: Kogi State University, Library and Information Science
Year/Level: Level 200
Business Name: Martmar’s Nigeria Ltd.
Contact Number: 08109179211

Kindly tell us what your campus business is about.

My campus business is all about wears: At Martmar’s Nigeria Ltd. we specialize in the production of Lapel flowers, Bow ties and Hair fascinators. We are also into Small Chops productions.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

Firstly, the Idea of the wears came from a seminar organised in my school. My partner and I went for the training together and we decided giving it a try because it’s a lucrative business.

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And for the small-chops, the idea for it came when I found myself good at small chops, so I decided turning my skill into a business.

Martmar’s product

Which gap did you see and intend to bridge with your business?

The gap I actually see is the inability to access quality materials but I am ready to turn this business into an outstanding one, I intend to go miles just to get creative with my business.

How do you manage to combine both academic work and business so you are not adversely affected?

My partner and I who happens to be my twin sister live in the same place, so we draw out plans on how to do business and not be affected by academics.

How did you determine there was market for your type of business?

I determined by studying my environment. This is a business that’s in high demand. I did feasibility studies.

Martmar’s products

How did you manage to raise your startup capital?

I raised my startup capital with my partner from our feeding allowances.

What is your business model and how do you make money?

I can make money by producing what my market demands. I succeed in that with the aid of marketing it via social media as well as other offline means.

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What challenges do you come across and how are you handling them?

We face the challenges of getting the right material and that is handled by improvisation .

Do you intend to continue with the business upon completing school?

Yes I do… It’s a business I want to expand in terms of the wears and small chops.

Martmar’s product

How did your colleagues and family respond to your new venture?

Honestly, they were wowed. Because we put our creativity to work and the quality is intact, so they responded well. The packaging not excluded, it’s an added advantage.

What do you consider your most significant achievement so far as a Campus CEO?

Being able to prove other students wrong that even in school one can own a business.

What message do you have for colleague students who want to start their own businesses?

My first message is to think out of the box, get creative and they should first do a study of the environment.


Ifepariola Mary is spotting opportunities and ready to take advantage of them. You should also study your environment and see what you can turn into a blossom business whiles on campus.

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