iHub, Adeso and MasterCard Partner to Set Up Innovation Hubs in Two Kenyan Cities

iHub, Adeso and Mastercard Labs have announced a joint 21 months initiative to implement a project dubbed “DEPP” labs that will see two innovation labs setup in Marsabit and Garissa,Kenya. The project will be jointly managed by the Start and CDAC Networks and funded by UK Aid.

This consortium is meant to create community idea spaces in which the local communities can explore and develop better mechanisms to build resilience and preparedness in the face of drought.

The two labs, in a statement released “will provide the disaster-prone communities resources and services to innovate solutions to better prepare for, mitigate and address the impacts of drought. Using a user-centric design, the project will allow for a fail-fast approach where innovators receive feedback quickly in an environment that allows for frequent information sharing and testing, and continuous questioning and examination of their prototypes. The Lab will be accessible to all segments of the community and the consortium will ensure participation of rural communities at the village level rather than focus on urban issues.”

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The Counties in question are areas that are predisposed to droughts and with the lead by Adeso, the consortium will be drawing on their deep knowledge of pastoralist to work at the grassroots level to ensure that development comes from within, not outside, communities in the two Counties.

The AIM Consortium as announced, it will also leverage the consortium members’ in house experience in managing labs, catalyzing and proven innovation methodology as well as experience in disaster management.

Start Network aims to deliver more effective emergency aid, harnessing the power and knowledge of the network to help people affected by crises.

Adeso is an African founded and led humanitarian and development organization based in Nairobi, Kenya and with operations in Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia. They work to prevent, manage, and overcome situations that threaten the environmental, social, and financial well being of African communities.

MasterCard International was established in 1966 as a cooperative of US banks in order to create the basic infrastructure and governance to allow bank credit cards to be issued by individual banks with limited geographical reach but be accepted by merchants nationally and eventually globally.

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The iHub of Kenya, founded in 2010, is a globally-recognized organization that is deeply steeped in the local tech innovation culture.

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