Importance of Being a Go-Getter

Crash course in Swahili: “Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame.”  Directly translated – without regard for grammar – it means, “It beehoves he who desires what is underneath the bed to bend down (and get it).” Desiring something does not guarantee you’ll get it.  Neither does planning. Otherwise everyone would be living their dream life. Go.

As a Success Coach, I champion setting goals and writing them down. It is vital for maintaining focus and clarity.  But it doesn’t guarantee success. It never has.

Most people have goals, whether written or unwritten. Planning what to cook for dinner is a goal. Planning a surprise present for a loved one is a goal. Planning your next move at work is a goal. Even babies have goals. The most important one being to get fed.  The precursor to this is usually a scream not even the most seasoned mother can silence. It doesn’t matter where the food comes from, the baby needs to be fed and needs it done “now!”

Dreaming big is great and setting goals is excellent. Even better if the goals are written or pinned to a vision-board. But it all amounts to zero-success if zero-action is taken.
There are countless souls with rooms and garages they’ve been planning to empty for months, books they’ve been thinking about writing for years, people they’ve been planning to call since forever, holidays they’ve only dreamed about and many desires lying dormant in the recesses of their hearts and minds.  Countless success teachers have taught on the wealth of the graveyard – the richest place in the world. Songs that were never sung, books that were never written, stories that were never told and love that was never shown.

Whatever it is you desire to become, accomplish or possess in your lifetime, adjust your posture in order to attain it.  Mentally, physically, emotionally spiritually, academically or financially.  Make the necessary sacrifices and take the necessary steps. “Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame.”

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