KloseApp: Share Your Locations Automatically

KloseApp is a location sharing app and you don’t have to worry about how to share it because the sharing is done automatically with your privacy settings in mind.

Because of how this app works, both the caller and recipient of the call need KloseApp installed on their devices and GPS turned on, if they wish to share their current locations with each other.

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  • Share and get the exact location of people you call.
  • Shows you a detailed display of the exact location on Google maps.
  • Gets you an Uber to your caller.
  • Predict the weather at the recipient’s location so you go prepared.
  • KloseSense a feature that gives you a prediction of what the other person might have been up to when your call came in.
  • KloseApp can also work offline but this time just share your location to the other person via SMS after a call with such person. With this feature the recipient does not need Kloseapp installed to view the map location. You need to turn this on in the privacy settings.


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