Leave Your Age at the Door by Emeka Nwarulor

I recently read a post on Smart Money Africa titled ‘Money Conversation with Ibukun Awosika’ by Arese Ugwu. Interesting piece I must say. You can find the story at smartmoneyafrica.org.

Mrs. Ibukwu Awosika made a bold statement that caught my attention in the article and I rephrase, “…you need to leave your age at the door and own your position and stop underestimating yourself.” By the way, I am big learner from the business intelligence of Mrs. Ibukwu Awosika.

Back to my story. The above statement is at the crux of the approach to life of many folks I see these days, especially in my home country. It comes in two ways, it’s either they are underestimating or overestimating themselves based on this sentiment called age.

I was in involved in a job recently where another fellow also assigned a major task was a 16 year old. I was shocked when I got to know her age, as I tried to balance her age with the task assigned to her. This really got me thinking.

If you have the opportunity to sit at the table with kings, leave your YOUNG age at the door, own your greatness, take responsibility, bring your stuff to the table and seize every opportunity to learn. In these lies the bridge to a whole new world of possibilities.

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If you have the opportunity to do the ‘small or dirty work,’ leave your OLD age at the door, roll up your sleeve, embrace the opportunity, take ownership and do your part. In these lies the window to new perspectives.

In a world of possibilities, age is never a factor of production or exclusion in building a strong personal brand or leading a life of impact.

So cut the crap and leave your age at the door!

You’re amazingly unstoppable!

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